Indigo Spirithawk


Dreams are one of the most important forms of guidance. They are messages from our higher self, sent forth and compiled into movies containing symbols. These symbols are not universal. Everything in your dreams represents a part of you, unique to your experience. Symbols are unique to the individual and can be interpreted based on the thoughts and emotions that arise in the dreamer when they he or she thinks of the symbol. Although these symbols are not universal, there are many common symbols that have the same or similar meanings to most people (see Symbol Glossary). For those who have developed their psychic abilities and can read energy, you interpret dreams of another person by reading how their energy field reacts to the dream's symbol as they tell you about their dream. You can also interpret your own dreams simply by asking your guide what that dream meant. However, sometimes you may not get the whole answer. Often you will have experiences that remind you of a dream and help to bring forth more of its meaning. Symbols have the same meaning in dreams as they do in the waking state and vice-versa. However, everything in a dream is symbolic, not literal. Experiences in the waking state, whether past, present, or future, can be interpreted in the same way dreams can. This will be discussed further in the chapter about psychic readings.

Experiences in the dream state are really not much different than those in the waking state. Our reality is whatever our consciousness is experiencing regardless of which realm we experience it in. Whatever we experience, whether it be in our mind or in the physical realm is just as real. In fact, the physical realm itself is a construct of our mind. The dream state is simply a place we go to where things manifest faster. It is for this reason that dreams can serve us greatly as an indicator of what we will manifest in our waking state if we remain on our current path.

Dreams are outside of time. This is why you can have a dream that seems to last all day while only being asleep for a short time. Dreams are also interdimensional. Your dream self has full movement around multiple dimensions. While you are asleep, you are on the astral realm. You are often working with your higher self and beings on the astral realm. Here you do a lot of the “behind the scenes” work that affects your mind/body/soul. You may do things like healing, clearing karma, preparing experiences, making future connections, etc. You can even get help with something if you think about it before you go to sleep or ask a question, you will wake up with the answer.

Typically, you don’t remember most of these experiences while in your waking state. You often only recall the movie like messages sent to you from your higher self, and even then, the average person only remembers a small part of those. There are some simple technique you can use to help you to better remember your dreams and get more of the message. First it helps to understand the way you remember dreams.  You actually remember dreams backwards. Usually the last moments of the dream are what sticks out most in you mind when you first wake up. Then you remember further back and finally the beginning. You can better remember your dreams by simply making any conscious effort to do so. Even just desiring to remember your dreams each night before you go to sleep will make a drastic difference in the amount you recall. You can also just read a book or article about dreams, anything that gets you thinking about dreams. However, one of the best ways to remember your dreams is to keep a dream journal by your bed. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up with as little movement as possible. The sooner you start writing after you wake up, the more you will remember. If you write down your dream, it will stay in you consciousness and it will be useful to your growth. Dreams are useful to you when you write them down, even when you don’t even read them.

                Often the manner in which the dream is experience determines the basic nature of the message. For instance, short snip-it dreams hold a stronger message than the longer ones. They are an efficient way to get a strong and important message in a short amount of time that’s easy to remember. We often disregard them but, these are the dreams we should really pay attention to. Nightmares are also really important to pay attention to. A nightmare is something you really need to know. It is a strong and important message. Your higher self will send you these messages with strong emotions attached to help you remember them better. Recurring dreams also contain very important messages. Dreams will often keep recurring until the lesson is learned or the issue is resolved. It is important to pay close attention to your dreams, as they are one of the first indicators that something needs to be resolved. If they are ignored, the messages will come in physical form. For instance, you may have an unresolved issue or belief that does not serve you. It starts with your thoughts you’re your emotions. To put it simply, if your thoughts and feelings are not ones that feel good, this is the first sign that something needs to be resolved. You may not even know what it is, it may be very subtle, or it may even be unconscious. However, if you are feeling anything less than love or joy, then something is off. This is your first indicator. Most of us don’t take the time to look at it at this point. We could meditate, ask our guides, clear, or do whatever we need to do to resolve it but we don’t. Then our guides send us several messages, but we don’t hear them or we don’t listen. Then we start having messages come in the form of dreams. The dreams may get scarier or they may keep recurring. After this we may still not get the message, so now it starts affecting our physical life and at this point it become much more difficult to reverse. We may start having problems in areas of our life such as relationship problems or money problems. Finally, if we are just not getting, it can manifest as health problems or severe poverty. This process can even take multiple lifetimes in some cases. The message keeps coming in different and often stronger forms until we get it. Sometimes the issue complicated is so that the intellect will give up and you are forced to go into higher states. All this can be avoided, simply by paying attention to our dreams, finding the unresolved issue or belief, and resolving it by whatever means we are aware of.


However, please don’t let this process of resolving lessons, issues, and beliefs scare you. It is an inevitable part of our growth and an essential part of our path to enlightenment. We are constantly refining our self in order to raise our power and join with our Source because ultimately, we are source. One thing to remember is the bigger the lesson, the bigger the power to be gained from getting it. Once you get a lesson, you will feel a lightening of the soul. You will gain new powers. Lessons you have learned never go away. The soul retains them forever. These lessons may seem difficult to get if your not getting the right away but, once you get a lesson, you will feel a lightening of the soul. You will gain new powers. You may even forget and pain you went through while getting the lesson. Often getting lessons resulting from childhood traumas will cause a person to forget those parts of their childhood. You will never have lessons or unresolved issues and beliefs come up unless you are ready to deal with them and gain the resulting power. You will also never have a lesson come that cannot be resolve by the tools you have. This brings new meaning to the phrase, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” Finally, and most importantly, experiencing growth and learning lessons does not have to be hard. We should not fear growth; we should embrace and enjoy it. Our path to enlightenment is meant to be fun, easy, and full of joy; All we need to do is listen to our inner guidance.

You can also go back into a dream if you want to get more information on its meaning. You can also go into the dream to face a fear or to figure out how to resolve an issue. You can do so using this simple technique;

Just before you go to sleep at night, when you reach that state just before being awake and asleep, go into your brow center; look towards the back of your head, there will be black curtains. Go behind these curtains and into your dream. The curtains represent the fabric of your life as you have created it. Think of the dream and enter it.