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This blog is a collection of decades of knowledge that I have personally used to improve myself and “win at life.” It contains a wide variety of knowledge ranging from practical common sense to very deep spiritual and esoteric knowledge. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention, and so my journey of gathering knowledge began. I began sometime during my early childhood, I had a series of paranormal experiences. I saw things a little differently than most people. I’ve experienced some very unusual things in my life. I’m just one of those people who is “sensitive.” I see things. I hear things. I feel things. It’s not as strong as some but it’s more than your average person. It’s quite subtle most of the time. It was just enough to develop a “knowing” that our reality has much more going on than we are taught in the mainstream. Aside from this underlying “knowing” my childhood was relatively normal and pleasant. I came from a kind loving family. I was the only child of two happily married, honest, hard-working parents. I was raised in a typical middle-class suburban neighborhood. I come from an Italian, Catholic family. Not the kind of strict, fundamentalist, conservative Catholicism, but it was more of a cultural thing. My parents and grandparents were always religious but they were less dogmatic and more spiritual about it. You see, Roman Catholicism seems to have a certain underlying mystique about it, reminiscent of the ancient shamanic ways. It’s very subtle. However, if you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to spot. For instance, there is strong emphasis of the Virgin Mary (Divine Feminine), ritual, saints, angels, life after death, and many supernatural matters. It’s all just part of it. There’s also an underlying sort of witchcraft apparent in the Italian culture, although it is almost never openly acknowledged, it is most certainly known and practiced. Superstitions like belief in curses like the dreaded “Maloccio,” and the various rituals for diagnosing and curing it. There’s also strong emphasis on saints and the Virgin Mary. They are often prayed to and called upon for certain specific purposes. Statues of them and prayer cards and pictures of them are placed about. Italian Catholic families and communities may attend mass on Sunday and worship at church and practice at home as well. Their public worship and private at-home worship are somewhat different although intertwined. However, personal spiritual practice at home is much deeper, supernatural, and mysterious.


Now having grown up in this culture as well as having several unusual experiences, my whole life, I learned to view life with a certain “magic” about it and developed deep profound curiosity.  I became fascinated with all things paranormal and supernatural. I read all I could on the subject, although books were harder to find before the internet. I watched shows like “Sightings” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”


It was no surprise that when I faced difficult times in my life, I turned to my faith. I turned to something bigger than myself.  As I mentioned before, I had experienced paranormal experiences before throughout my childhood, many of them shared with others. During my adolescence and even up into my twenties, I went through some difficultly, some emotional issues of anxiety and depression, the usual existential angst that comes as we reach adulthood and struggle to find our place in the world.  I turned to faith. I turned to the supernatural. I turned to something bigger than myself. First, I turned to what was familiar and comfortable to me. I turned to Catholicism. I became very religious and active in the church. I prayed a lot. I said the rosary often. I met with church groups, prayed with others, and discussed our faith. I attended a local parish that was over a hundred years old, that my family had attended for generations. It was in the old Italian neighborhood known as “Northeast.” This was the the same neighborhood that my great-grandparents had immigrated to, found work and raised their family. They lived alongside many who they had immigrated with and even had lived in the same and neighboring towns in Italy. They raised their families together and formed a tightly knit community. So now I found myself going to Church with fellow decedents of these families, many of our family went way back.  This provided a sense of welcoming and belonging. This was truly a group of kind, loving, well-meaning people. I did feel a sense of something bigger, and when I was in a deep state of prayer, both by myself and with other, I did have what felt like a “spiritual” experience. There were also downsides, like I was missing something, like there’s something more. Even then it came natural to me to question much of it, the dogma, the blind obedience, the inconsistencies and contridictions, the limitations and the missing pieces. It just did not provide the answers and the depth, that I needed.


What I am about to share with you is the basis for everything you will learn in this Blog. As long as you understand this, everything else will make sense and come together. YOU ARE THE GOD OF YOUR REALITY! The buck stops with you. You are 100% responsible for your life and every single thing you experience in your reality. The better you are able to understand and accept this, the more control you will have over your life, the better your life will be, and the more everything will make sense. This may be difficult to hear, especially when you think about the unpleasant experiences you’ve had, but know this, every time you experience any kind of hardship or adversity, you will become better in some way. This is true 100% of the time, even if you are not aware of it at the time. Remember the saying, things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. You are always creating your reality. Every experience you have and encounter you have was created by you on some level. This is true whether you realize it or not, whether you believe or not, and whether you accept it or not. You will be amazed at what you are able to do when you are able to consciously create your reality.


The universe is here to serve you. The Gods, Goddesses, all of the spirits and deities, and all of the archetypes are here to serve you. They are all within you. They are willing and able to assist you the moment you take control and learn how to command them.


I have come to the understanding that when it comes to ones level of growth/awareness, that it’s not necessarily linear. We are infinite all-knowing beings. All our past/future lives, parallel realities, levels of growth, etc. are all happening at once because the majority of our existence is outside of time and space. We are filtering out all of it except the present moment as our current self. Backdrop people could be something different entirely, like part of the holographic reality setting in which we are experiencing. However, they would be part of the setting but not actually be experiencing it.


It is your current life that you are living now that matters the most. We are multidimensional beings living in all our lives, timelines, dimensions, etc. all at once. However, our consciousness is focused at this life as the current you. The ancestral line of the current you is all that matters at this point, not those of other lives. When you are experiencing another life, the ancestral line of that life is what is most relevant. The reason ancestral lineage is important is for a number of reasons. One being DNA, tapping into that, and using that as a sort of conduit/connection to draw upon the energy and power of the one of 12 seed races your physical body came out of and contains the DNA of. Another reason is, this is hard to explain, but parents and grandparents will understand, think about the love you have for your child, and the energy that you put into them. Then they have kids and the emotional energy that you put into them, and so on and so forth. Now imagine that energy extending hundreds of generations. Everything that goes into a life. That whole life lived, people come out of it and more lives lived x1000s. That energy followed a path that lead to you. Omg Hard to explain but tapping into that, you could feel that power and watch it work miracles. And it’s mind blowing to think that is only ONE aspect of you. That is your Blood Code Genetics/Lineage. Then there is your Soul Code Genetics, which is the lineage of all your lives on this planet and everywhere, every time, and every dimension else. Each life with its own Blood Code Lineage. All that is YOU. The higher self. Confused yet? I apologize as this is hard to describe in physical and linear terms, when we are multidimensional infinite beings.



Also for some reason, when you tap into the magikal tradition/shamanism/animism of your DNA lineage, it just seems to work much better and go much smoother. It’s like you are wired for it. This has been my experience anyway. For instance, I am mostly of Italian decent. Although I have practiced and still practice Nordic, Celtic, Asian, Native American, African Shamanism, Etc. I have been recently been tapping into Stregheria/Italian shamanism and it just seems to flow so nicely.



It is difficult in our 3-D reality not to think in linear terms. I do not believe it’s “either or” but rather in our multi dimensional existence it can be both. For instance, our ancestors live on AND reincarnate AND ascend AND actually are living their earthly lives. Furthermore, it is all happening at once Because time is unique to this 3D physical reality And we are infinite multi dimensional beings simply filtering everything else out except this very moment


Blessed Be,

Indigo Spirithawk