Major Arcana 13-17

Indigo Spirithawk

Major Arcana 13-17



Ruler: Scorpio

Most people when they see this card in their spread get unnerved because they think death is announcing its coming. In actuality the death card rarely actually means death, it can but most of the times does not mean a physical death as we know it. When death shows itself in a spread its a definite ending and a definite new beginning. Death in the tarot card deck is about ultimate transformation. While the death card can mean shocking or unexpected changes and or events, it portends these things are being removed to clear a way for a brand new life. This card is about out with the old and in with the new; it's a complete transformation. Depending on the spread and surrounding cards it can mean sweeping changes, clearings and the beginnings of a new life. It represents that the change is a result of the underlying circumstances and this creates the transformation. It is a card of major change. It can also represent that a particular phase of life has played itself to the end, its purpose was served. The changes the death card talks of brings abrupt and complete overhauls of circumstances, ways of life and patterns of behavior do to past events and circumstances. It is also a card warning of altercations.

And finally yes for some readers death means a physical death. When this card appears it tests the person to see what they are made of.


Death Reversed

When this card appears reversed its telling you that you are resisting the inevitable changes that are needed in your life. It symbolizes stagnation when reversed. When the death card shows reversed its telling you that you are missing opportunities because of your refusal to let go to the situation. It can also represent fear of change in this position and a loss of a friendship. It shows in this position as a reminder that change is painful and unpleasant for this person. This person refuses to face their fears of change. Depending on where the card falls in the spread it can also mean the transition is agonizing for the person. In reversed the death card represents, inertia, lethargy as well as mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.



Ruler: Sagittarius


When we see Temperance in a spread its about moderation. When we use moderation it will bring spiritual comfort. Temperance can also represent one's guardian angel looking over them. When this card appears it is saying this person either has or needs self control in their life. If they use control that will be able to handle volatile situations or a situation and come out successful for it. This card speaks of a harmonious relationship as well as peace and harmony in this time to be enjoyed. This card can also represent health, compromise and tranquility. Depending on the position it holds in the spread it can mean a good combination, cooperation and coordination of efforts. There is a innovation through the combination of either people or circumstances. It is also a card of diplomacy and successful business negotiations. There is a certain amount of maturity that the person has or needs in order to deal with something. This person has a placid, balanced temperament and good outlook. Literally this card means temperance in relation to harmony and balance. This card portends good management and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.


Temperance Reversed

When temperance is reversed it is telling us that there is over indulgence, lack of foresight, impatience, conflict and quarrels causing domestic strife present. It warns that hasty decisions made out of impatience thwart the person's progress. Upside down temperance indicates and imbalance either with the person or situation they are in. This person or situation is heated and they or the person they deal with fly off easy because of it. There is poor judgment here as well as fickle decisions. Conflicting interests are present. There is physical stress with the person involved. Disagreements are prevalent. There is a restlessness and instability with the person or party involved. Depending on where it is in the spread it is saying that trying to combine too many things or the wrong elements in a short time span is not working.



The Devil

Ruler: Capricorn


When we see the Devil card it is not necessarily pure evil as is Satan but more the negative aspects of carnal man. He symbolizes the desires of the flesh, and such addictions and temptations under his influence will not have a favorable outcome.


Devil Upright

In terms of relationships when the Devil appears in a spread he is warning us about obsession or people that are not good for us. This card is prompting you to look at the situation very carefully. The Devil card warns against destructive consequences as a result of one's actions that are motivated by greed, lust and or power. The Devil is not all a bad omen; he reminds us to change our course of behavior while we can. He is also saying if you have any addictions that you should consciously be aware of how they are damaging you and others around. This card is signaling that you need to gain control over them ASAP. What is interesting about the Devil card in a spread if it is in a favorable position and if marriage or a commitment is in the air; then this is a good omen of a marriage or a commitment. So, in a positive sense the Devil can represent commitment and permanence. Depending where this card falls could mean money matters and a feeling of burden in relation to material aspects of one's life. It indicates the persons desire for physical and material things. This card can also imply the person has feelings of frustration and oppression. When we see this card depending where it is in a spread it can also mean the person has a tendency to collect and hoard both money and objects. This is a card of lust and sexual obsession. It also questions one's security at the expense of their creative or spiritual fulfillment.


The Devil Reversed

When the Devil appears reversed in a reading it also has a duality of meanings. It can mean there is light being shown to us at the end of a long struggle. It can signal that burdens are being lifted or depending on the rest of the cards can indicate true evil. Reversed the Devil talks of abuse of power or authority. This person is so focused on material success that they forget about everything else. It can represent uncontrolled ambition too. Greed, bondage either to a person or situation, emotional black mail and more severe forms of the above are depicted by the Devil in reverse. It is in this position that we are looking at something or someone truly evil depending on the surrounding cards.


The Tower


Ruler: Mars


Along with Death and The Devil cards; The Tower is a card that causes us to be scared when we see it in a spread. This card is about unexpected upheavals, unexpected shocks and unexpected events that turn our lives upside down; to create new opportunities and make us a stronger and wiser person.


The Tower Upright

The changes that occur when the Tower is in the spread is usually sudden and gives us a jolt. Depending where it falls in a spread it can also represent problems and delays with things like buying a new home or things related to the home front. It represents, tyranny and revolution. The Tower represents the overthrowing of your existing way of life. Whether the source of creating our being upset  is material or emotional; this card also encourages you to see the discourse as something to force you into a new and better direction. The Tower can also mean this is a phase  and it will pass so a new direction and opportunities can emerge from it.

The Tower represents disruption and confusion. It's a card of major changes and can also mean a sudden violent loss for someone. Depending where it falls in the spread it can appear to mean disruption of a routine that is at the end of its course as well. When we see this card it is saying to us it's time to stop doing the same old tired things. It can portend ruin, disturbances,  dramatic upheaval, widespread repercussions of actions and or a change of job and residence at one time. In the end of the towers cycle freedom and enlightenment is brought to the one going through the Tower phase. It means now is the time to re-evaluate things; that this change is necessary and that better will come from this turmoil. It's actually a blessing in disguise depending on the other cards in the spread.


Tower Reversed

There isn't that much difference with the Tower reversed except that the cycle is coming to an end. Reversed the Tower is saying  its almost time to start rebuilding. Reversed the Tower can mean negativity. It indicates there is restrictions and some sort of imprisonment whether its physical, emotional or spiritual. Depending where in the spread; the Tower reversed can mean that there are drastic changes that are robbing the person of their freedom of expression. It can also mean bankruptcy or going to jail; imprisonment literally. And more over the reason for the imprisonment cannot be altered at the moment the person will have to do the time for the crime. The reversed Tower can mean sudden changes that one cannot control and lesser meanings of all that this card represents.


The Star

Ruler: Aquarius


When we see the star it's a bright light to illuminate our ways. It's a welcoming sign. It's a card that is telling us if we look to our personal star blessings will come.


The Star Upright

The Star brings optimism, hope, renewal of faith and unexpected gifts. It is a card of good health. Whether one is considering a new relationship or enterprise this card is a good omen for them. This card speaks of good things. It can mean good times for the person in relation to artistic or educational endeavors, travel, awareness or spiritual development. It is a positive card representing

generosity, serenity, fresh hopes and renewal. This card is about when you wish upon a star your wishes come true. Depending on its position in the spread it talks about healing old wounds. It is also a card of spiritual love. This card indicates that the person is broadening their mental and physical horizons. It is also a card of protection. If you were worried that you weren't safe when this card shows up its telling you that you are. The Star is a card of inspiration and the person has the ability to influence others. The person who has this in their spread has vigor and confidence right now.


The Star Reversed

When the Star comes reversed it means we doubt our selves. It warns us that self doubt ruins the possibility of opportunities. It can also mean poor heath or sickness. It also indicates when reversed this person is stubborn. They are either unwilling on incapable to adapt to changing circumstances which prevents them from seeing the opportunities that change may bring. This person lacks trust, in themselves as well as others. Depending where this card falls in a spread it can indicate this person is experiencing obstacles to their happiness. The Star reversed can denote a diminished life. This person has trouble expressing themselves and their mind is rigid. What is interesting is that even reversed this card can bring luck despite the persons cynicism. It teaches us in that case to make lemonade out of lemons.