Major Arcana 18-21

Indigo Spirithawk

Major Arcana 18-21


The Moon

Ruler: Pisces


This is a card of emotions that run high and feelings of confusion in the form of uncertainty and fear. Just like moonlight it is also a card of illumination as well as unexpected possibilities. It also tells us this person has perception and there are things surrounding them that are not true to the eye.


The Moon Upright

Depending on its position the Moon can mean a clandestine affair ; but in the upright position it's a favorable omen for that relationship to be able to emerge into the public eye. If it's not in a good position it can mean that the secret may be exposed.  It also represents the unconscious mind and the imagination. This card denotes the person has psychic perception and dreams of spiritual insights. It also means listen to the meanings in your dreams if it pops up in a spread; and to your inner voice for illumination on something that has you are feeling emotionally. The Moon can also imply the person does psychic and spiritual work. It's a card of illusions. When we see the moon in a spread it could be telling us the person is not able to see things clearly and it results in their depression. In this case it also says the person is not in control of their daily living. But even if the going is rough the Moon does however light the way for you to take  the right path. Depending where the Moon is in the spread also portends of artistic abilities such as writing or music and that using ones artistic talents can lead to unexpected opportunities. It's also favorable to those in the acting and entertainment industry.


The Moon Reversed

When the moon is reversed it tells of lack of progress because of deep rooted fears and anxieties. It also implies the person lacks nerve in relation to a situation. It warns of lies and deceit which may be the cause of worry for the person. It signals either they are lying or they feel someone is not being straight with them. In general: the reversed Moon is an exaggeration of the upright implications in a reading. Depending where it lies in a spread reversed indicates there is a need for secrecy, there is a deception, illusion, and the person daydreams to escape from reality. It also suggests the person has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. Depending where it is in the spread the Moon also talks of insincere people, hidden forces and trickery. It implies the person has trouble telling the truth because they are not capable of it. When it is in reverse the Moon is saying this person is desperate and in need of help; they are in despair.




The Sun

Ruler: The Sun


Just as we feel happy on a Sunny Warm day so is the blessings of the Sun. It tells of all the good things that we have in our lives and that there is more to come. This is definitely one of the best cards in the Tarot Deck. It is the most welcome of cards portending omens of joy and very happy times.


The Sun Upright

When we see the Sun pop up it can connote holidays, good news concerning children, and even a birth of a much wanted baby. When it pops up in a spread it dispels negativity and promises things will turn out happy. It heralds happy times with family, friends, agreeable companions and relationships. When we see this card we should know that we are going to be content, happy and obtain the success we have been wanting. Depending on where it lays in the spread it can mean material wealth or happiness and good health. The Sun is a card about mental, emotional and spiritual vitality. Besides just happiness; it is a card that implies enlightenment, fulfillment and love. Also depending on where it falls it could mean you are an inventor or have inventions. This card also signals academic success especially in the field of science. It is a card of reward, acclaim, approval abundance of energy and achievement.


The Sun Reversed

When we see the sun reversed its telling us there is trouble in at arrogance and misjudgments are due to an inflated ego.




Ruler: Fire and Pluto


This card is one of ultimate justice as in the sentence of Judgment. It is one of Karma being judged by a higher power which sentences our fates. This card finalizes in our lives what we reap is what we will sow



The Judgment card tells us that all our hard efforts will finally be rewarded. It says we should take stock and heed of our lives up to this point. When this card appears it is signaling you take into consideration a brand new phase of your life. It implies if one has had bad health that recovery is now in effect and also gives the person a new lease on life. The Judgment card brings with it an opportunity that you must accept; it may come in the form of a decision or project but it should not be ignored because it will change your life. When we see the Judgment card in a spread it means things in our life will start speeding up now. It denotes a rebirth, a time to rejoice, new potential and rewards for the past hard efforts. It is a card of change and improvement. It also implies a satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life. When we see this card it is telling us that we will experience joy in our accomplishments. Depending on where it is in the layout; it tells of awakening. When we see this card it means that it is a good time for career moves. It says we are in a period of mental clarity. It can also mean that an important decision that was pending will change our life for the better.


Judgment Reversed

The first thing we know when we see the Judgment card reversed is there is stagnation around us. There is a delay with concluding a series of actions. Depending where the reversed Judgment card shows up in a spread can imply the person has fear of change and sometimes fears death. In relation to the other cards it can also mean fear of almost everything in this person's life.  It also tells us that there is lack of progress in this person's life due to a lack of important decision making on their part. One can also experience temporary loss or separation when Judgment is reversed. Guilt also is implied when the Judgment card is reversed. There is a sense of self reproach with this person and obstinacy. Judgment in reverse  warns about self doubt and guilt over past mistakes which blur's one's way forward.




The World

Ruler: Saturn


This card is a card of confirming that the world is at your command. That all you have to do is stay on a positive course and it's your oyster. But if you choose not to follow the good fortune of your direction the world won't be yours.


The World Upright

The World in a Spread tells us that you are about to get your heart's desire. This includes things like achievement, recognition, success and triumph. The world signals a time of enjoyment. It can take the form of a holiday or travel or time with loved ones. It signals a fulfilling relationship is being offered to you as is spoiling yourself with the material things you have been wanting. The world also signals the end of one cycle to begin another. It is a card that speaks of fulfillment, completion, satisfaction, joy, wholeness and success. This card represents a completed personal cycle, project or series of events or a finished chapter in one's life. The World can also represent a culmination of events. The person has a sense of wholeness.


The World Reversed

When we see the World reversed in a spread it means the delays you are experiencing are challenges you have to overcome in order to succeed. It also means don't give up when you are so close to winning even though the challenges make you want to. It also implies not to lack vision or feel insecure because you are soon to be successful. Reversed this card indicates the person is frustrated. Depending on the spread it indicates delays to completion or that there is an inability to bring things to a successful conclusion. It also implies the person is resistant to change and lacks trust in the process. The reversed World tells of stagnation, lack of will and impatience with the delays and hesitation. It also suggests that the events have not come to a conclusion yet but are nearing the end.


So this is the major arcana and its meanings for the twenty two cards. Of course there are many other variations and explanations to add to these interpretations. As you grow as a reader your interpretation of the cards will be fine tuned for your type of readings.