Major Arcana 4-8

Indigo Spirithawk

Major Arcana 4-8



The Emperor

Ruler: Aries


The Emperor represents power. The Magician has power through intellect, the High Priestess has power through knowledge, the Empress through love. The Emperor's power is through power period.


The Emperor Upright

This is a person that is in control. Nothing will stop him. He was born to lead and will dispose of anyone in his way. This card is one  indicating success in a spread. If it's in a good position it can represent the attainment of goals and ambitions reached. As you see in the picture the Emperor has a commanding presence as he sits on his throne. The number of this card 4 represents stability and foundation. The Emperor represents domination of the material world. He is law and authority as an archetype. He can also represent a paternal figure and once again a powerful person. This card can also represent someone who is sexually controlled in their sex drive. People who have the Emperor as their personality card or show up in a spread as such; are competitive and forceful in how the execute things and how they develop them as well. This person is authoritative and the card can represent world power, structured and also governmental and corporate identities. Through their experience they have gained self control. These are very powerful people who can shoulder responsibilities. Their ambitions lead them to long term achievement.


The Emperor Reversed

When the Emperor is reversed it implies that the person is emotionally immature and unable to leave the nest. (He is a mama's boy) He cannot separate from his parents. In reverse this card represents a loss of control. It also shows that the person is inactive and doesn't take action but rather is passive on the sidelines. They either lost their position of authority or does not like authority at all. This includes a loss of authority in a governmental position or parental authority. Also they may not like the government or do not want to be a parent. This person is indecisive. There is weakness in his character. And he manipulates colleagues and friends alike. In reverse it can also mean an abuse of power.


The Hierophant


Ruler: Taurus



In some tarot decks the Hierophant represents the Pope. This is because this card represents the ruling power of religion and faith. It symbolizes the orthodox teachings that are palatable to the masses. This is in contrast to the High Priestess who only teaches those secretly who are initiated to her mysteries.


The Hierophant Upright

When this card turns up in a reading it indicates the person has a preference for a routine of ritual and ceremony. It represents spiritual power through an establishment.  This is a card that symbolizes the church or a group belief system. It can also represent consensus of politics or public opinion. The Hierophant card indicates the person accepts authority. It's a card of conformity. It's about safety in numbers and social pressure. When this card pops up in a spread it indicates the person has a preference for ritual and ceremony. It also suggests the person needs approval from others. This card is showing the importance of conformity. This person may have a need to conform or is only happy when he has societal approval. It also represents formal education. This person is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. They either give or get good sound advice. This person can be good at teaching and  a constructive councilor. This also represents marriage and partnerships that are bound by morality. The Hierophant is about a world with law and order. For them the innocent citizen needs to carry identity cards. They prefer the illusion of security at the expense of freedom. If this card is in a good position or aspect in a spread it represents a good and secure reputation in society. It can also mean that this person has the ability to subvert and escape authority depending on the spread.


The Hierophant Reversed

If the Hierophant shows up in reverse it represents a person who is opened to new ideas and thinks outside of the box. He is a non conformist. It can represent a rebel, a hippie, an artist that colors outside of the lines. It also can indicate that the person is at the stage in their life where they need to do something completely different or outside of their own restrictions. On the other hand, when this card is reversed it can mean misleading and or bad advice, poor counsel, slander and propaganda. It's a warning to beware of first impressions. There is a distortion of the truth here. It is also a bad time to sign agreements, and represents misleading advertisements. This person is unconventional and does not have family values because he rejects them.  It can also indicate a loss of public standing and the suppression of individuality by an establishment.





Ruler: Gemini


You can see in this card two lovers standing in harmony, nude meaning they hide nothing from one another. The picture itself in the card implies that someone has to make a decision to go for temptation or not.  They know that to have success in their lives together that they have to balance the subconscious with conscious desires.


The Lovers Upright

When this card show up in a spread it tells us we have choices to make. It also tells us that we are human and struggle between sacred and promiscuous love. Because of these two things this card also represents the balance between our inner feelings and outer aspects of our lives. This card is also the card of harmony and unions. It tells us to choose with our heart and not with our intellects. The lovers card can also represent difficult choices that are not related to love. When we see this card it's about a test that we are going through in relationship to considering our commitments. It can represent a struggle between two paths, abstract thought and harmony, internal harmony and union between two people as well as second sight. The lovers indicates desire, a new lover, relationships, physical attraction, love, sex and commitment. This card is about duty versus our hearts desires. How the choice we make affects the rest of our lives. It also speaks of taking a risk that would lead to fulfillment and your hearts desires instead of playing the easy and safe route in love. It also says once the decision is made if you stay dutiful you will receive the same.


Lovers Reversed

When this card appears reversed it show us the possibility of a poor choice was made as well as quarrels and infidelity in a relationship. The reversed Lovers is telling us we need to stabilize our emotions. It implies we need to get in touch with our rational selves not our carnal selves. In this position it suggests lust, moral collapse, temptation, indecision, separation, a failed love affair, emotional loss. When it appears reversed lovers can mean an unhappy love relationship and you don't know what to do about it. There is contradiction, deception, duality and one's own internal conflict. It is telling of infidelity and  romantic disturbances. It indicates the person is indecisive and postpones decisions on choices. It also warns that this is not the time to make final decisions on an important matter. Finally it also speaks of the fact that you are being untrue to your own morals.




The Chariot

Ruler: Cancer


The Chariot is a card that tells of riding through our adversities victory. Like in ancient times when the gladiators fought for their lives in chariot races, the chariot means you are fighting your way through your own battles without giving up.


The Chariot Upright

When we see this card in a spread it is telling us that our conflicts are going to end in victory. It advises that sustained efforts and perseverance in a struggle results in you ultimately winning in the end. This card in a spread tells of your self reliance and belief in your own abilities. It can also represent unexpected good news as well as travel and change. Depending on where it shows up in a spread it could literally mean a new vehicle as in a car for you is on the way. When we see this card it's about triumph, movement, self belief, assertiveness and good news. You will overcome life's obstacles you are now facing. The person is decisive and ambitious when it comes to achieving the goals they have. The victory you earned is well deserved. You have undergone a period of struggle resulting in worldly success. It implies self control, effort and perseverance on behalf of the person. This card is about how one works within the boundaries their life has set upon them and builds a successful existence in spite of the boundaries.


The Chariot Reversed

When the Chariot shows up reversed it is telling of someone who is either influenced or themselves a bully, arrogant and selfish. It can represent frustrations due to things not turning out how one has thought they would. It also indicates delays of travel and plans depending on its position in the spread. It talks about how plans do not go well. This person has disregard for others, they are associated with envy and avarice.  The Chariot reversed indicates the person has lost control in their life resulting in chaos because the person has a flaws in their personality. It talks of imbalance and also of destruction. Reversed, the Chariot warns of overwhelming ambition and high expectations. The card reversed depending on its position also talks about out dated ideas and traditions.




Ruler: Leo


This is a card of strength in all the ways the idea of strength is expressed by Man. It shows a man alongside a lion and both are in harmony indicating strength does not necessarily mean the display of brute force but rather a wise display of control and understanding the beast in us. The man in the picture is able to pet the lion indicate that strength involves the use of gentle encouragement to get the results needed in one's life.


Strength Upright

The card represents its name Strength. Not just in the physical sense; but also implies when it is in a spread upright that the person has the ability to cope with immense pressures, and will win as he fights through it to the end. If ill health has been an issue with the person at hand this card popping up indicates a speedy recovery.  This card also suggests that if you have any unhealthy habits now is the time to stop them. Strength in a spread indicates triumph in all the main things in your life. You will win in the challenges facing your relationships or your career. It indicates that you can defend yourself against jealousy, ignorance and oppression. It talks about the person having courage and self control. This card signals that the person has the virtue of fortitude. He or she is determined. They also can control the passion of emotions against their basic instincts. They control both their strength and power. It talks of the person having energy, being generous, optimistic, showing resolve and reconciliation.


Strength Reversed

When we see Strength in reverse it implies the person is insecure and fearful. It tells of the person giving up due to being beaten by unfair means. Upside down Strength tells of a person who uses their power in a wrong way and there may be a defeat involved. There is a lack of will power here. The person feels inadequate about something. They also have a pessimistic attitude in regard to things going on around them or in their lives. There is a tendency with this person to surrender to unworthy impulses. The card talks about tyranny. Depending on the spread there is a concession involved in the situation. The person has an inability to act on things. In this position this card also talks about being warned not to miss opportunities that are available for the person. Also its telling the person not to give up when they are so close to the finish line.