Major Arcana 9-12

Indigo Spirithawk

Major Arcana 9-12

The Hermit
Ruler: Virgo
Just like a hermit secludes himself living a life of seclusion and cloistered away from the world so is the implications of this card when it falls in a spread. We see the lone hermit with a light to guide him. This is the light of mans spiritual self shining as he walks alone.

The Hermit Upright
When we see the Hermit card either the person is living as such or needs to take heed to the wisdom of the Hermit and slow down. When he appears in a reading he symbolizes the need for careful consideration of issues. It also implies that the person is in need of rest; including peace and quiet. If there is a health consideration the Hermit card is saying it is a time to rest and convalesce. This card represents introspection, solitude, the person is looking for inner and spiritual answers as guidance, advice either given by the person or taken and patience. The person is in need of caution and prudence as well as discretion in their lives. There is an inner calm here. This card in a spread can also indicate a need to reach one's inner resources. Depending where it is in the spread it can also mean Assimilation and planning. Counsel is either given or received to the person when we see the Hermit. This person is either a wise guide or spiritual mentor or has one. It is time to stand back and reflect on circumstances when this card shows up in a spread. The Hermit
warns about making hasty decisions and recommends that if a decision is needed ; make it only after taking some direction from a trusted source.

The Hermit Reversed
When we see the Hermit reversed it means this person is impatient and because he is it leads to bad decisions and in turn loneliness. It also implies that this person is arrogant and obstinate. The person is suspicious or creates suspicion with his behavior. He also refuses to heed advice to help him. Reversed depending where it comes in a spread can mean fear and folly as well. This person refuses counsel or assistance. He or she is immature. It indicates some sort of isolation from others. This person displays negative resistance to help. The persons suspicions of others is not grounded or sound with substantial reasons in relation to a person's motives. It implies imprudent actions or decisions. There is a continuation of unhealthy habits and lifestyle that is not productive. Depending on the spread and surrounding cards; the person relies on their own resources which are not adequate. Finally this persons obstinacy is foolish.

The Wheel of Fortune
Ruler: Jupiter
The Wheel of Fortune is a card Symbolizing Help from a higher source coming to aid the person. Like a circle the wheel is round
representing when one cycle ends it goes right into the next as a circle continues. If we apply it to life when we are down on our luck the only way we can go is up. When we hit the bottom we have to come back up.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright
When the Wheel of Fortune appears it is telling us we are about to have a new life cycle. It portends good luck and fortune like the card's name. It also implies that it is fate that has brought this luck and fortune into one's life rather than by their own doing. This card heralds the end to current problems and rewards for past efforts. (It has a karma element in that case to it; fate is smiling on those who deserve it after they have paid for their trials and tribulations). It is a card of destiny, movement, vision, good luck, a new cycle and synchronicity. When it show up in a spread it is telling you of effortless success. It can also indicate unexpected good luck. It's a card of advancement. Positive upheaval as enforced changes for the better. Again it is a card of destiny in relation to ones Karma and a card indicating Karmic change.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed
When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed we can expect some unexpected bad luck. It indicates that our fortune is turning in the opposite direction. It forebodes misfortune and unpleasant surprises when reversed. However many times the negative cycle it brings in reverse is temporary because the wheel always turns. Depending on where it shows up in reverse in the spread it can mean; obstacles, temporary bad luck, unpleasant surprises, unexpected interruptions, difficulties, delays and or a resistance to change. It also is a warning not to gamble when it's in reverse. Chance for loses.


Ruler: Libra
The Justice card shows the sword and the balance scales being held by a person of royalty. This is a card of Justice and all its implications. That Justice is served through law and order for what is right as we see a sword. Balance is needed to serve justice, for when there is no balance injustice is in full swing.

Justice Upright
Like the card says when Justice shows up that's what it indicates. It indicates justice will be served. It can also represent that the person is fair or a fair decision will be made on behalf of the person or situation. It implies balance and equilibrium. Justice is a omen of good luck in relation to partnerships, businesses and legal dealings. The justice card can also signify the righting of a wrong that was done to you in the past or in your seeking justice for another. It is also a karmic card because those that do wrong are avenged by justice. It is a card also of rewards for past efforts. And, in some cases the person may not even know why they are being favored which is also a form of karma. When it shows up in a spread justice can imply arbitration, fairness and responsibility also. Depending on one's situation it can indicate amicable and favorable resolution of conflicts. It is a card representing triumph over bigotry and prejudice. Where this card shows up in a spread in relation to other cards can also mean legal action, litigation, contracts, settlements,
divorce, and sometimes even marriage depending on the surrounding cards. This is only when marriage contracts like pre nups, legal documents or financial documents/statements are necessary to make the union happen. It is a card of clarity and a straightforward choice.


Justice Reversed
When Justice is reversed it represents injustice. It can also denote businesses that flounders and legal decisions that will not go your way even if you are morally right. It can also mean you are giving or receiving bad advice that will result in a bad judgment. Depending where it is in the spread also can mean prejudice, bias and inequality. It can indicate separations that are not yet ratified or legalized. Justice in reverse can mean delay, delay on judgments, imbalance, or an unfair judgment. There can be complicated negotiations taking place as well as confusion surrounding a legal matter or tax affair.




The Hanged Man

Ruler: Neptune and Water
In the Hanged Man we see a man hanging by his foot from a tree. The man does not appear to be suffering but is in a position where he cannot move freely. This is a card of limitations which like the card seem beyond our immediate control, but like the hanged man we are forced by circumstance to accept this position. There is a temporary
suspension of progress which is also a form the limbo that the Hanged Man can take as we see in his suspension from a tree.

The Hanged Man Upright
The hanged man is a card of self sacrifice. It can take the form of either material or emotional self sacrifice. This person may be in a state of limbo where like the picture portrays the man hanging from the tree experiencing a pause in life until someone or something is given up for greater gain. This card represents a trial of passage; and this is where the self sacrifice comes in. This card also has spiritual overtones in relation to one and self sacrificing themselves. It is also a card of adapting to changing circumstances. So in that regard depending where it shows in a spread it can mean transition, flexibility, rebirth, deliverance and release. It indicates there is devotion to a worthy cause. The Hanged Man can also imply flexibility of the mind and a willingness to make or adapt to changes depending on the cards around it. It indicates that there is a sacrifice being made now in order to reap benefits later. This card signals that there is a period of waiting for this person. When we see this card in a spread it indicates a sacrifice of one thing in order to gain something else. It is also a card of transformation. Changes are literally turned on the persons head. It can also indicate illness as well as stress and anxiety. The card indicates this is a time for patience and not to worry.

The Hanged Man Reverse
When we see the Hanged Man in reverse in a spread it is saying the person is selfish or is using emotional blackmail by playing the martyr. It also indicates there is a weakness with this person. Their weaknesses can lead them in the wrong direction both materially and emotionally resulting in missed opportunities otherwise. There is a lack of commitment to something. The person is preoccupied with material and selfish needs. Despite drawbacks they still prefer the status quo. It can indicate oppression depending on where it is in the spread as well as apathetic pursuit of goals. This person has the mentality “Better the Devil you know”. There is a failure to act with an inability to move forward or progress.