Minor Arcana - Pentacles - Part 2

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Minor Arcana - Pentacles - Part 2


VIII of Pentacles

Meaning Upright:

The VIII of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship. While the seven indicates a time of decision and the revaluation of our financial situation, the eight indicates that a decision has been made and a new creative venture is underway. An apprenticeship is a time of learning new skills, a time of beginning something which one has not previously done. In this sense, the VIII of Pentacles indicates that you are experiencing or about to experience a change or new beginning in terms of work, education, or financial circumstances.

However, unlike many of the other cards indicating change or renewal, the VIII of Pentacles symbolizes a concentrated determination to master the new skill being learned.  The VIII of Pentacles represents the single-minded effort of someone who has consciously chosen a new career path or creative undertaking. This card is the herald of success through perseverance and initiative as opposed to luck or the generosity of others, as is indicated in the VI of Pentacles. If you encounter this card in a reading and are not currently engaged in the active pursuit of your goals, it may be time to ask yourself what you could learn or create to better yourself or your circumstances.

 If you are already engaged in the pursuit of new learning, the VIII of Pentacles may be a card of encouragement and reassurance that the energy you invest in your "apprenticeship" will be worth your while. Self discipline, preparation. Patience, productivity.  This card suggests  moderation,  the Tree Of Knowledge,  application of talents and success at hand which you have earned.  All of these are implied by the VIII of Pentacles; purpose, small profits. improvements in work life. Training that brings both discipline and skill. It is a card of craftsmanship.

Eight stands for symmetries, structures, repetitive and self-sustaining patterns. Eight is the wheel of the year--and how many billions of years has this clockwork been running on its own? Pentacles represent the body, the tangible and practical. In a relationship reading, the VIII of Pentacles indicates that you are willing to continue the relationship to see where it takes you. You are prepared to invest time and energy into building the relationship. It is a card that indicates you are going in the right direction because you are working in a positive manner to make things happen. It represents using ones skills and personal interests to result in rewarding and profitable ends. For talented and enthusiastic people this is a great card. It also implies to have success you have to continue in a steady manner with no pauses or premature halts . This card also indicates a thrifty person.


Reversed, the VIII of Pentacles is the recognition that proficiency is the enemy of innovation. The VIII of Pentacles is perfection in a self-contained world, a world that needs nothing but perfect pentacles, one after another. But what if the rules change? What if our artisan is called upon to sing opera? Short circuit. Syntax error. If you need to take a risk, or to shift gears, the VIII of pentacles can be a barrier card. It means you have to let go of the smoothness and predictability of doing what you've mastered, and be willing to make a Fool of yourself all over again.

When in reversed position it indicates that the Querent desires financial rewards but is lacking the ambition and will needed to get them. He/she is too wrapped up in everyday concerns and worries to take the time out to gain more long-term security. Instead most of the Querent's energies are wasted pursuing short-term gains and rewards. This card in reversed position may also act as a warning against wasting energies on short-term securities, advising to become more like the boy in the card. This card reversed also indicates that energy is being used inappropriately and skills applied for unsuitable and perhaps unscrupulous ends. When reversed this card implies dishonest dealings I business. This card also warns of short term profits at the expense of long term gain.


IX of Pentacles

Meaning Upright

The IX of Pentacles is caution and the ability to provide the situation and yourself with the security necessary to accomplish what is in your best interest. It indicates that you want to promote yourself and/or form a (new) partnership or alliance. A situation will arrive that will lure, entice or beckon you on - a very tempting offer. And your wish for a union will soon be fulfilled. Abundance. You need to be self-reliant, independent and free. Learn about your body and how Mother Nature provides all that is needed. Treat your health as your greatest wealth. ate. She is clearly a lady of refinement and grace, so it is incongruous to see on her left hand a bird trained to hunt and kill on command.

Nines represent personal integrity and completion, or the final stage of development. Nine is associated with the Moon - therefore dreams and delusions play a role in these cards. This final stage may bring certain problems with it, and past experiences and methods of coping become important here and are an intrinsic part of the meaning attached to the nines. In a reading, the IX of Pentacles indicates that you have reached a point in your life where you are feeling self-confident, and you are self-sufficient and able to rely on yourself. You have attained well-deserved success and may now enjoy money, leisure time, pleasure, and material comfort success and rest that is well-deserved. Appreciation is felt for what is now available, knowing that difficulties are over. This card denotes the ability to complete any work necessary through confidence in self-discipline and patience. The querent is in harmony with the nature that is around them. It is the luxury of leisure and solitude. It may also indicate your desire for these things if you do not already have them.

However, the IX of Pentacles can also equate to having all the material success you want but not necessarily being happy with it. The woman in the card does not look very happy, and the symbols of the walled garden, the bird (representing captivity) and the snail (representing something rotten nearby) indicates not everything being what it seems. Perhaps she is some sort of "trophy wife" who married a successful man who wanted a decoration rather than a companion. If this is the case, she is probably very lonely because she would be unable to associate with her husband or his friends, her servants, or childhood acquaintances either.

While she has everything that money can possibly buy, what good is it if no one will relate to her as a friend or equal? This card in a reading signifies the enjoying of success. It speaks of financial gains made from monetary sources such as gifts, winnings, inheritances and settlements. There is also a possibility of income from an unearned divorce  settlement. This card can also represent depending on the spread popularity, common sense, and order arising out of chaos. This card can indicate melancholy because others think this person has it all but the person may feel something is missing. It can also mean buying furniture of fixing up one's home.


In its reversed position, the IX of Pentacles suggests that you may be suffering from financial setbacks or experience a loss due to unwise decisions or foolish actions. Your foundations may be about to give way. If they do, learn from your mistakes and build a more solid and secure foundation next time. This card in reverse indicates a person who has obtained wealth from a deception. The reverse IX of Pentacles indicates someone who thieves, swindles and pilfers. Corruption and success earned on the backs and misfortunes of others. When reversed this card warns that the present calm and security may not last long.




X of Pentacles

Meaning Upright

Ten is the number between completion (nine) and new beginnings (1). It's like a spring board. The wealth has been secured, and it's that breathing space before you take your next step. Pentacles are solid, earthy, heavy, not emotional, inspirational or mental. Pentacles are the essence of the earth, and of manifestation in the "real" world. Shopping, eating, gardening, earning and spending money. The things that happen on the material plane that ground you. Combining these two ideals then, one can indeed say that X of Pentacles is about reaching that comfortable space where things have been achieved and rewarded and we have a time to breath before we start our next adventure. The X of Pentacles shows how family, or even extended family is important.


Traditions, safety in numbers, the wisdom learned from our elders. Being a part of something bigger than we are and realizing that the blood of our ancestors courses through our veins, and we are someone important. We're not just little insignificant' s lost in the world, we are integral parts of society and family. We are one. In a career reading, the X of Pentacles indicates that you would like a career that gives you a sense of completion, financial security and connection with others. From a numerology perspective, the tens represent the final stage where everything has fallen into line and you feel like you have accomplished your goals. Given this ten is from the suit of Pentacles, you are seeking a well-established career where you can be truly successful and good at what you do, and that will provide you the financial security you need to build a good

lifestyle. You want to be able to provide for yourself by earning a solid income. Additionally, this ten speaks of  family indicating that you want to be part of something bigger in your career and you want to feel connected to those with whom you work.


In a Celtic cross reading, position one, this card could indicate that the querent has these family issues on her mind. Issues of security, children, stability, blood-being-thicker-than-water type feelings. When we see this card in a spread it implies issues with inheritances and prosperity, like in family fortunes that are built up and handed down through the generations. It indicates financial and emotional security. It is a card that signals the formation of a family tradition. It also may indicate a good fortune via a dowry.



Reversed, this card is about failure on the financial level. This card indicates financial loss, problems with investments, and lack of resources. Despite a lot of time and effort, there seems to be no foundation for future success. In some cases, this card represents the problems of money, such as fears about finances and quarrels over property, as finances become an impediment to the enjoyment of life. It could indicate that you are beset with financial burdens and

responsibilities. In a relationship reading where the relationship is relatively new, the reversed X of Pentacles suggests that while you are keen to progress this relationship further, you are still not 100% sure that it has potential for the long-term and you may be questioning whether your partner is truly husband/wife material or not. This card reverse also signals the negative effects of vast wealth and the down side of restrictive effects of a long tradition. Family arguments over money. It can also signal breaking up of and estate after a death. The reversed X of Pentacles can also signal a burglary.




Page of Pentacles 

Meaning Upright


Physical description - dark haired person. Young, even a child. Introvert. Tanned complexion.


Personality traits - hard working, practical and careful with money, but not stingy. Artistic, scholarly, enjoys material and sensual pleasure (but hasn't had financial success yet.) Conscientious. Sense of duty. Patient.


The Page of Pentacles, like the pages of all the suits, is a card of new beginnings, of inspiration and the initial stages of a creative project or venture. The young man is absorbed by the coin in his hands which represents his goals and dreams. Pentacles correspond to the alchemical element of earth. In this sense the coin may symbolize the beginnings of sensual awareness not only in terms of money and its value; but also in terms of a growing awareness of the importance of health and other material needs.


The Page of Pentacles is a card of dreams and the desire to fulfill those dreams in the material world. If you encounter this card in a reading, there is an indication that you may be in the midst of a new undertaking such as a hobby, business venture, or the beginning of a new educational experience. In any case, the page is a sign of enthusiasm and desire. He does not indicate the fulfillment of dreams as much as the initial motivation and energy to begin the process of creating those dreams in reality. This is a card of encouragement. Castles in the air may be beautiful in theory, but now is the time to begin to put foundations under them.


The Page of Pentacles can be used to identify an intelligent young person, a scholar, a young person who enjoys learning new things. When the Page of Pentacles represents a new event, this event will more than likely be concerned with the querent's material welfare. The page of pentacles has the desire to learn all things. He is dedicated to knowledge and the attainment of wisdom. He is devoted to all in which he is engaged. He has great concentration in his interests.


In a reading regarding spiritual issues, the Page of Pentacles could indicate a new dimension added to the querent's spiritual life. An event that will bring a certain richness that the querent hasn't enjoyed before. The Page of Pentacles could also indicate a new beginning of a material nature, such as a new and unexpected source of income, the sale of a project. Some readers interpret this card as meaning a change for the better. Pages tend to see only one side of a topic - and they're totally enthused with the prospects. Pages can be thought of as inexperienced -In a spread this is a meticulous hard working man. He is proud of his responsibilities. Basically he is honorable and a good administrator but can be a little diligent and overzealous with his duties.



Reversed, the Page of Pentacles suggests we need to stop daydreaming about new things - perhaps it would be better to pay attention to matters at hand. When we see this card reversed it indicates to us that this person has no sense of humor what so ever and full of himself. This person likes to wield his power over others he feels is below him. Depending on the rest of the spread this card reversed could indicate bad news concerning monetary issues.


Knight of Pentacles

Meaning Upright


Physical description - dark haired young person, dark eyes.


Personality traits - takes action to make positive change. Committed to security. Hard working and responsible. Very serviceable person. Conscientious, yet dull. The Builder Of New Worlds.


Conventional, leaves nothing to chance, accepts responsibility easily. Trustworthy and steadfast.


The Knight of Pentacles is a person with the patience to accomplish all his tasks. He is reliable due to his sense of responsibility. If you are dependent on the efforts of someone else to help you accomplish some goal in life, they will prove trustworthy.  This card indicates that you want the kind of personal fulfillment that only love or the grace of God can bring; and to enjoy the simple things in life and all they have to offer. Your efforts will be rewarded in more ways than one. This guy is active in a maybe boring but very persistent way. He is loyal and patient and will help you finish what you started, diligently. He is very much about fulfilling obligations.


This card signals that this is a impassive, indifferent and stoical person who does not always appreciate the feelings of others. He is very traditional, very clever at money affairs, patient and hardworking.



The Knight of Pentacles reversed is about feeling stuck in a routine and a repetitive pattern of behavior. A relationship, job, family situation, etc. may become overly mundane and boring. To free yourself from this repetition, aim to do things a little differently each time and bring some spontaneity into your life.


This card reversed implies the person is greedy and grasping. They tend to be self satisfied and smug. It can also mean in reverse that your finances are at a standstill or a breaking point. 


Queen of Pentacles

 Meaning Upright

Physical description - dark haired woman. Large, strong constitution, cheerful. The ultimate mother.

Personality traits - she is secure, wealthy, enjoys luxury, and abundance. Generous and sincere, but lacking sparkle. Matronly. Good head for business. Sometimes moody, generally very caring. The Queen of Pentacles expresses practical energy. She is the original Earth Mother. She's the one with the rows of home-canned goods on the shelf in the root cellar. She is able to work a full-time job, take care of the children, keep the house clean, and still have time to read the financial section of the Wall Street Journal. She probably has a little nest egg tucked away in a few bank accounts that no one knows about. Her style of mothering is practical. The punishment always fits the crime. Color on the wall? Here, take this wash cloth and clean it up. All done? Good. It's forgotten.


The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and security. The security can be either financial or physical. There will be generosity demonstrated and you will find freedom associated with this security. Want to establish yourself to yourself, to find your 'centre' or place where you belong, and for words (prophecies) or ideas to come to light. Keep following your star and you will get your wish. You may have to wait but what you want will come. You will be responsible for your own actions, and she will make sure of it.


This card can  signal any or all  of the following; she is pragmatic, sensuous, generous, abundance, practical, astute businesswoman, secretive, financially adept, good mother, nurturer, reserved, wealth, protective of her territory, endurance, stability, spinning and weaving, full of potential, power of prophesy, second sight, common sense, deviation, ancient tradition of earth magic, physically fit, strength, hard working, pleasures of the body, caring for and pampering the body, enjoyment of luxury, dignity, grace, prosperity, steadfast, good organizer,  harmony, regality, devoted, affectionate, warm hearted, management skills, enjoying the fruits of labor, comfort, fertility, parenthood, love of all living creatures. Community life, takes responsibility willingly, love of nature, happy giving material help in demanding situations, shrewdness, ownership, steady employment, steady progress, evolution, voluptuous woman, material goods, all the good things in life, benefactress, emotional maturity, provider, philanthropist, display of wealth, practical wisdom, creativity, crafts, Great Mother, actions speak louder than words, confidence, down to earth, loves fresh flowers and good food, both feet on the ground, nurturer, a team player, family woman, tactile, indulgences, gifts, forgiving, firm foundation, sensible, environmentalist, bestower of life and bounty, unconditional love.


This woman is capable and practical in business. She can be happy either in the workforce or home. She does like her material comforts. She is responsible financially and shares her wealth with her inner circle. She is not however particularly bright nor insightful. She does however have depth of feelings and appreciates life's pleasures.



The Queen of Pentacles reversed sees you becoming very consumed in your work. This card indicates that you need to  rebalance your life,  You may also find that you become a bit of a homebody and somewhat isolated from others  you need to fight this urge and keep in touch with your friends and family as they will be a great help and support to you. The Queen of Pentacles reversed sees you feeling worried about whether you can be financially independent, while also still maintaining your family connections. You may be

concerned that if you invest in your career or financial

well-being, you might not have enough energy to invest in your family. Sometimes, you just can't do everything and you will need to make some choices.


This person pays to have the company of sycophants to shield her from criticism. She can neither see or rise upon material needs. This card in reverse indicates a woman with mood swings, highly changeable with a suspicious nature. She is narrow minded and doesn't take to things that are new or she doesn't understand. She uses her wealth for display and show of grandeur.






 King of Pentacles

Meaning Upright

Physical description - dark haired man. Manager, financier, crafts person, businessman, farmer. Usually married. Mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind, yet normal intellectual aptitude. A devoted friend. Has considerable responsibility. Responsible and trustworthy. Slow to anger, cares deeply for family. Not very demonstrative, has quiet energy and purpose. Makes a vigorous opponent. Practical realist, considerable wealth, shrewd, yet unpretentious despite wealth. With Kings, the emphasis is on behavior. The King of Pentacles is not a real, many-sided person, but he does express an ideal of a certain type. In readings, he asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a commitment, fixing something that's broken, making money, or sponsoring a new enterprise.


The King of Pentacles is seated in the midst of his many possessions. To this King, it's not who you are or what you think or do that counts it's what you own. While he is an extremely hard worker, conscientious and reliable, and a great financier, this man has little in the way of imagination. He only believes in what he can see, touch, hear, taste or smell - anything else is highly suspect as far as he is concerned. He is a good provider, and an excellent husband and father, so long as his authority is not disputed. While basically good-natured, he wants to be King of his own castle and expects to be treated as such. He has high expectations of family members and may have trouble relating to his children if they do not think and act as he does. This is the sort of man who will automatically assume his children will one day take over the family business - that they may have other ideas will simply not occur to him.


When this King shows up in your reading, look at your life. What are you feeling 'stuck in a rut' about? Are you feeling like the Alchemist, or do you feel a need to transform some part of your life into gold? Is this another person, or do you think it's an aspect of yourself? Be careful not to get stuck in the mud. Having your feet on the ground is a good thing, but everybody needs to lighten up once in awhile and stick their heads in the clouds, even if it's just for a breath of fresh air. Although neither imaginative or intelligent he is dependable and loyal as a leader. He is trustworthy, patient and cautious and uses his inborn wisdom to create wealth. He is slow to anger but once he is he stands rigid against enemies.



Grasping, dull witted, ignorant of art and beauty, bumpkin, dominating, materialistic, greedy, poor business sense, a loser, preoccupied with money, he who dies with the most toys wins, fraud, dishonest, rude, dogmatic, stupid, impractical, crude, workaholic, end justifies the means, every man has his price, stubborn, dogged, pornographic. This is a man who will do anything for money. He is impressed by other people's status and social position, and may be a snob to others while trying to carry the favor of those he considers above him.


Reversed this can be either a workaholic or an extremely lazy man who expects others to look after him financially. He may care only for his possessions, and uses other people to gain them. There is also a possibility of familial abuse, or he may be someone who marries for money, leaving the person only when he has gone through all of their resources. When we see this card reversed it is telling us that this man is easily bought, mercenary, very materialistic and dull. He is blind to beauty and hates change. You will find that it is very hard for him to adapt. He will stay on the same worn path even if it goes now where.