Minor Arcana - Swords - Part 2

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Minor Arcana - Swords - Part 2



VIII of Swords


Meaning Upright:

When we see this card it is telling us the person is feeling fenced in, restricted, vulnerable. It can represent too many ideas and no direction.  It is signaling to handle difficult situations immediately. This card warns of  gossip, advice, over analytical(back and forth) that one needs to pay attention. There are problems are behind woman.  Your hands are  tied but not your Legs are not tied; and the blind fold can be removed. Find out who put you in this

situation, realize that you are not trapped, that you are free to move.  This card represents restriction, a run of bad luck, feelings of

being trapped and powerless.  You need to use patient effort  to get out of a situation.


Help is available if you ask. Restrictions will gradually fade. When we see this card in a spread its telling us that we are in a catch 22 that's keeping our hands ties. We are unable to act so have to ride out the storm. It can also imply jealousy from colleagues or family, a crisis or enforced isolation, illness and oppression and major  circumstances dictate one's fate.


In this card, the woman stands bound and blindfolded, and surrounded by swords. It seems like she is stuck and it is hard for her to see what to do. Yet, if she could just reach out her hand, she would find that the swords are nearby and could be used to cut herself free. The swords symbolize our way of thinking about things they are both a cage and the way to let yourselves free of the cage.




The VIII of Swords reversed indicates that you have come through a difficult time and you are becoming more open to change and self-acceptance. Reversed  this card indicates that you need to free yourself from some of the limiting factors of your past. You have some skeletons in the closet that need clearing out allow yourself to let go of old patterns of behavior and belief systems that have previously held you back, and forget about being  the victim.


The VIII of Swords reversed also suggests that you have been able to reflect on what didn't work last time and have changed your perspective and approach. This card in reverse also indicates your hard work is not reaping rewards. This person also is

frustrated, depressed and feeling despair. The effort you are using is from the wrong place. Depending on the spread this card is implying change and liberation. Moving away from a problem rather than solving it.


IX of Swords

Meaning Upright:

This is the card of fear and nightmares, and therefore has an apparently negative connotation. However, the troubles portended by the IX of Swords are primarily of a psychological nature and do not necessarily indicate suffering in our external reality. Our experience of the world is greatly influenced by our expectations, desires, and fears. In large measure we are the creators of our own world, and our attitudes determine how we experience that world.


The IX of Swords indicates the paralyzing nature of our fears and negative expectations. If we allow ourselves to be bound by fear of the future we may eventually create a negative reality for ourselves by virtue of our expectations. Thus, the IX of Swords is a card which expresses an inner reality that may be "crystallized" or manifested in the external world if we are not able to overcome the negative feelings which affect us.

The IX of Swords foretells the arrival of conflict in your life. You may worry more about problems which never would have bothered you in the past. Other people will be opposed to your interests. The situation will cause you to be unhappy. Have been subject to prolonged periods of depression and are not happy with your present situation and want things to come together and work out. You will have good fortune later on. Time will prove to be advantageous and you will get what you want after all.

This card is telling someone  to straighten out their circumstances. This card signals lack of sleep, guilt, depression and putting yourself down. To this person destruction equals way out. They are unable to see forward to positivity. When we see this card in a spread its telling the us that  person involved in a love situation is suffering in some way. It is a card indicating cruelty,  anxiety, sleepless nights, and of spite and slander which undermines confidence.

It can also indicate the kind of suffering which is eventually good, like treatment for a substance abuse. It speaks of Female health problems, possibly self-punishment and guilt, and  mental anguish.

Since swords represent the mental realm, this card can be interpreted as mental anguish, depression, guilt, putting yourself down, nightmares, misery, a sense of hopelessness, despair, anxiety. This card represents the mind that injures itself through doubt or depression.

Traditionally, the IX of Swords has also meant sorrow for another person who is close to you. Along these same lines, the Nine could also mean worrying about a loved one, sometimes to excess. Keep an eye on the cards that surround or modify the Nine. If it falls next to the Star, remember that all is not lost. There is a ray of hope in there, a reason to pull out of the depression, a lifeline out of the anguish. If it falls next to the High Priestess, you must be prepared to face the truth without fear or doubt. In the same way, if it falls next to the Hermit, someone will show up to guide you out of the hole you seem to have fallen into. If there are aces in the spread, look for the light at the end of the tunnel, a way out in the form of something new and fresh. The astrological correspondence for this card is Mars in Gemini.

The IX of Swords in a spread implies deceptions that upset us tremendously, premonitions and nightmares, suffering and depression, cruelty, disappointment, violence, loss and scandal. This card represents the martyr who comes out anew after suffering.


The Nine of Swords is all about worry, anxiety and not being able to sleep because your thoughts are running at one hundred miles an hour. Reversed, it indicates that you are putting yourself through the ringer, when really this doesn't have to be a complicated issue. The Nine of Swords reversed also suggests that your worry and despair may actually be causing you harm. The more you worry about something, the more likely it is to manifest into what your worse nightmares. Realize that life is not as bad as it seems and that the more you worry, the more harm you are doing to yourself.

You may also find that your dreams are very telling at this time use a dream journal to help you analyze what is happening at a

subconscious level.


In reverse this card symbolizes distrust, suspicion, despair, misery and malice. On the other hand the IX of Swords reversed can mean that the person is letting go of grief and despair and moving out of a oppressive state of mind. Depending on the spread it can mean total isolation from comfort and help, institutionalization, suicide,

imprisonment ,and isolation.



X of Swords

Meaning Upright:

The X of Swords is very similar to the Death card of the Major Arcana. It is not to be taken literally as an indication of an actual death but rather as evidence of an impending change which may initially be difficult to accept. The IX of Swords indicates that there is finally closure to an outstanding issue, which may have been difficult to deal with. This is a card of endings and possibly loss, but as with all endings there is heralded a new beginning, a rebirth, and a rejuvenation of the spirit. We may have been struggling with a difficult decision for some time, or we may have been clinging to something, which was ultimately not in our best interests, and now we must learn to let go. The process of change is often difficult, yet life is filled with uncertainty; "The only thing constant in life is change!"

The X of Swords portends a difficult experience of loss or release, but a new awareness and a positive sense of relief that the difficulty is finally finished will eventually follow the pain of this experience. Though this card may seem negative at first glance, it is a card of hope and an indication that our troubles will not be permanent.

 While the Ten of Swords appears to be a card of terrible misfortune,  surprisingly, it often represents troubles that are more melodramatic than real. The man on this card has quite a few swords in his back. Wouldn't one be enough? Isn't ten excessive? Perhaps this gentleman's suffering - though sincere - is exaggerated as well.

One meaning of the Ten of Swords is hitting rock bottom. When one disaster follows another, we feel devastated at first, but eventually we throw up our hands up and laugh. It's so bad, it's funny!


When you see the X of Swords, know that the last bucket has fallen, and you can expect a turn for the better. This card can also show when you're in victim mentality. When you see the Ten of Swords, know that the last bucket has fallen, and you can expect a turn for the better. Ruin. You need to know that the worst is over. Though the hopes and dreams of the past may be dashed, new ones will arise in time.

If words cannot comfort, a wound this deep and loss this devastating may require professional help. The X of Swords depicts one of the most painful and sad images in the entire Tarot deck. However, despite the ominous images, there are positive aspects to this card. The sea before which the body lies is glassy and calm, and the sunrise is appearing in the distance beyond the mountains. The fire of the sun is burning the clouds of darkness away as it rises and the darkness will soon be dispelled.


 When we see this card in a spread it means ruin, desolation and disruption usually in the form of a group. As the picture depicts this card in a spread portends sorrow, sudden misfortune, accidents, muggings or personal robberies. On the good side is that this is the worst of a cycle so things can only get better they can get no worse.


 Reversed the X of Swords is telling of fear of ruin, to such a point that emotional relationship/finances will not work out), ego-hang up, end of problem. It speaks of self-pity, doubt, betrayal and mistrust. If next to Ace of Swords, limitations are coming up. Hysteria, it would only take one knife to kill a man, yet this person has ten swords in him, even in his ear. When this card appears reversed it can represent  an illusion of  one's burdens and afflictions ending because the suffering will usually continue anyway. Also depending on the spread it can mean death and or a violent exchange. When reversed it can signal temporary good fortune as well.

Page of Swords

Meaning Upright

Physical description - Dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes. Deep penetrating eyes. Sporty, graceful, and physically well coordinated.

Personality Traits - May be promoting themselves, you should doubt their sincerity. They could be pessimistic, you must not allow their pessimism to "rub-off" on you. Quick witted, intelligent youngster. Eloquent and sharp. Eager to learn, adept at turning situations to own advantage.

The Page of Swords can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose relationship to you involves truthfulness, ethical behavior, discouragement or matters of the mind. This relationship is likely to be troubled or difficult in keeping with the challenges of the Swords suit.

This card can indicate intellectual stimulation and excitement. As a child, the Page of Swords encourages you to have fun with mental activities of all kinds - learning, exploring, and researching. Enjoy the world of thought your mind can open to you.

The Swords, as we have seen in the card of the Ace, represent the element Air, and thus correspond to the ethereal nature of the mind and intellect. This card indicates the turbulent nature of intellectual discovery and inspiration unchecked by experience or wisdom.


The Page seems to be either on the defensive, hence protecting his ideas, or on the offensive, looking for some victim of the double-edged sword of his mind. Perhaps he is seeking a confrontation in the intellectual sense or has the desire to prove himself mentally superior to others. The Page of Swords is as perceptive as the Queen. He has the ability to find out the truth regarding all matters. He has both mental and physical agility. He is full of anticipation.


This is a card of ideas. You need to appreciate and communicate ideas, information and theories. Abstract thinking can help you see the weak spots in plans and systems. New information will produce surprises. Beware of gossip. Protect your privacy. When we see this card in a spread its telling us that there is a person who is a good personal emissary, that this card is associated with spying or surveying from a detached view point. It is associated with a person of grace and dexterity, one who is diplomatic, someone who has skills and one who has the ability to figure out the true nature of things. Depending on the spread this person is an expert negotiator for their peers. One of the true personality qualities of this person is their sense of detachment to things and people.



Reversed, the Page of Swords can suggest you may be acting hastily, and without thinking things through properly. You may have a lot of energy behind you at the moment to get things moving, but the way you are going about it isn't quite right. Try to tackle things one at a time, rather than trying to deal with everything at once. This will lead to more meaningful outcomes. Your mind may be racing ahead of everyone and just confusing them all with your myriad of



 The reversed Page of Swords can also be all talk and no action. Take his promises with a grain of salt, because who knows whether or not he will actually deliver on them! The reversed page of swords indicates that this person is two faced, vindictive, cunning and not able to grasp on to something concrete. He looks for hidden weaknesses in enemies and is devious and snoops in other peoples affairs. Depending on the spread this card can represent unforeseen events,ill health or it can mean plans being overtaken by events.




Knight of Swords

 Meaning Upright

Physical Description - Dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes. Tall, lots of charm and wit. Dark eyes. Lots of sex appeal. Charismatic, powerful, intelligent.


Personality Traits - Focused on making a point, committed to ideas. Very strong person. Initially helpful, but actually self-seeking. Makes a good friend, but a dangerous ally. Eloquent, confident, fast moving, easily bored. Breezes into life and then out again.


This card can indicate that the person this card represents can bring struggles or strife, which will cause you to stand up for yourself. A warning that own weakness can lead to difficult circumstances.  He is a person who displays aggressive behavior .

The Knight of Swords is the gallant hero who is both strong and brave. He has great skill and is very capable of succeeding in all his ventures. You have established a link with someone (or something) and want the chain of events to continue. This is a very good time for embarking on new projects. Problems will be transcended or solved (whether they are mental, physical, emotional or spiritual) and you will attract whatever you need in the way of help or assistance. Ingenuity. You need to think of ways to turn ideas into reality. Develop your skills, ingenuity and self-esteem, or frustration and defensiveness will cause you trouble. Respond now with cleverness, outspokenness and foresight.

This card refers to a clever, skillful and active person who is courageous and strong. He is always at his best in a difficult situation. Depending on the surrounding cards this person has the tendency to dominate and he may be in or out of the clients life for better or worse. He is the archetype of a warrior.


The Knight of Swords reversed indicates that you need to go it alone, even if you may make mistakes on the way. You are searching for freedom and independence, but may also be going about it in a very reckless way. When reversed this person is impetuous, sneaky, sly, deceitful, has little staying power but is fierce in action. This person does not finish what they start. Depending on the surrounding cards quarreling is possible. The surrounding cards may also signal that applications of great force and energy becomes simple minded indulgence.

Queen of Swords


 Meaning Upright


Physical Description - Red head or dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes. Graceful.


Personality Traits - She has a fondness for music and dancing. She is able to speak on other people's behalf, but can also cause mental manipulations. Independent, rational, cool in a crises. Very alert to undercurrents, and should not be underestimated. Powerful intelligent woman. In a position of authority, she has the influence over the querent's ability to make decisions. She is probably separated, divorced or widowed.



The Queen of Swords represents the sternness of a mature intellectuality which is devoid of emotion. Mythologicaly, the feminine is associated with emotion, yet in this card the woman is stern and composed, obviously without much feeling. This card represents the intellect's ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of subjectivity or sentimentality. This card follows upon the rashness of the Knight of Swords, who lets his intellectual energy lead him into precarious situations. Intelligent, perceptive, penetrating mind, decisive, mature, competitive, independent, moral, sees a situation as black and white, virtuous, resourceful, respected, gets to the heart of a mater, candid, virgin, powerful and skillful communication, diplomacy and political astuteness, insightful, keen observer, knows how to confront, negotiate, and solve problems, organized thought, aloof, protective, dignified, wise, cold and calculating, unruffled, clear headed, detached, stern, scientific, uncompromising, disciplinarian, reserved, political consciousness, introspective, sound judgment, fair, articulate, accurately intense, exacting, hates to be told what to do, likes everything on the table before deciding, strong willed, ambitious, do the right thing.


This card signals pride in one's creative efforts, vigilance, dedicated to truth, calmness, determined, power of positive thought, bard and poet, quick-witted, confident, not happy in crowds, truth seeker, skillful analysis, gifted teacher, clear communication, straightforward, can laugh at him/herself, idealist, progressive, sees beyond the obvious, professional, humanitarian, secular humanist, hard to bluff, likes directness, stands up for what she believes in, a widow, can make it on her own, distant, advisor, no nonsense approach, well developed sense of humor, realistic.


This card depicts a complex, courageous intelligent woman who may have well suffered a deep sorrow or loss. She is very concerned with details and accuracy and is very skillful at balancing opposing factions to meet her own needs. She has attained inner wisdom and a sense of truth. This card is one signaling that a woman has overcome adversity especially at the hands of men and came out with a state of grace. This card also represents the ability that women have.


Reversed this card signals a  person who is weak, dull witted, doesn't get it, dishonest, speaks poorly, bitter, malicious, unscrupulous, intolerant, unreliable, devious, gossip, narrow-minded, short sighted, unreasoning, can't face the truth, no respect for rules, ruthless, without pity, frigid, sarcastic, bitchy, bigoted, petty.


The Queen of Swords reversed indicates that currently you may be thinking more with your heart than your head. You may be very emotionally involved in a particular situation or issue, but this may be distorting your perception of the situation at hand. You may need to use your head a little bit more to understand what is happening and read the signals more accurately. Try to purposefully look at this situation objectively and think with your head and not your heart this may give you a better picture of the situation and help you evaluate what you need to do next.


This card reversed signals sorrow for sorrows sake. It is a card telling of wrong doing in response to adverse conditions. When we see this card reversed it is telling us about a sly, deceitful, intolerant, narrow minded woman. She uses half truths and slander to make her points known. She is a formidable enemy when she uses her sharp but subtle wit and intellect.





King of Swords


 Meaning Upright


Physical Description - Dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes.


Personality Traits - His application of intelligence has made his heart cold, and he holds back any subtle feelings. He understands human nature, and uses this understanding for his own advantage. In position of trust and authority. Logical and calm. He dislikes overt displays of emotion. Requires a lot of mental stimulation. Has authority over Querent's activities. Could be father, husband, employer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, professional advisor.


The King of Swords has the power and courage to accomplish all his desires. He is a symbol of power and superiority which may assist you in your individual quests during life. You will be fearful about your future and will want to see things more clearly, obtain a new perspective, or enlist the aid of a professional-type person. Stay detached and you will be able to perceive the truth in situations, and your impressions or perceptions will later be confirmed.


This ruler is the epitome of intellectual power and represents judgment, command, and rulership. His character indicates the stern leadership of a judge, lawyer, or military commander whose emotions must be kept in check under the pressure of battle. Indicates a challenging situation which could cause Querent to compromise himself. Advises caution. This card definitely represents a man who rules. He can be a law maker, someone with a rational, alert and attentive mind. He advocates law and order and being modern at the expense of tradition. He has a tendency to be over cautious and leaves one project quickly to start another. This card indicates a man of independent judgment and one who achieves what he sets out to do.



Reversed, the King of Swords can suggest the misuse of one's mental power, authority, and drive. The reversed King of Swords represents manipulation, and persuasion in order to fulfill selfish needs. He is a very intelligent older male (or sometimes female) who likes to show off to others about how smart he is by using big words or talking about topics which nobody knows. He may also be very cutting in his words, critical of others, and stern in his manner.


This card may represent a person in your life or even yourself. You need to be wary of this type of person because, although he/she may be charming and intelligent, they can do only harm. They have only their personal interests in mind and will do whatever they can to achieve these interests, even if it means stepping on others. This card can also mean great disruption and contempt for those weaker than this person. This person abuses their power and authority. He is calculating and obstinate. He is capable of using ultimate evil to achieve his aims and desires.