Indigo Spirithawk


The amount of money you have is a direct reflection of your self worth. Wealth has nothing to do with education, intelligence, or even work. These are all ways we prove our worth to ourselves. Work and money are two different things. Work is for experience and effort. It is how we experience life and learn lessons. Work is not how we earn money. This is only a belief. What we are really doing is earning our self worth. Society tells us that certain types of work is worth s certain wage, so we spend years and lot of money on education to work in certain fields that we believe will make us certain amounts of money. So many in our society believe that it is work that brings us money.

Often people create struggle or work hard in order to prove their worth. They believe it is honorable. This is just a belief. The truth is, things are meant to be easy. You do not need to struggle or work hard. Congratulate on easy things just like you would for hard things. Complement yourself everyday for everything.

Money does not come to you as a result of your efforts. It comes to you as a result of your vibration. Money comes to you from the inside out, not the other way around. Money flows to you when you are on the vibration of receiving it. The amount that you receive depends on the amount that you feel worthy of receiving and the amount you believe you can receive. You may notice that most of the hardest working people make the least amount of money, while those who make the most spend their time singing, acting, and playing sports. Those who work hard and struggle often do so because their self worth is so low that they desperately reach outside of themselves to prove their worthiness. They say, “see, I work hard, I struggle. This is honorable. This makes me worthy.” However, they never truly feel worthy because they are reaching from the wrong place. To, further complecate things, they are full of several other beliefs that keep them from wealth. They have certain preconcieved notions about wealthy people. They don’t want to be like that. They would rather stay where they are and believe that they are gaining honor through their struggle. This is of course an illusion. We are always worthy and honorable. Even if we don’t know this. God does.


On the other hand, many of the wealthiest people simply do what they love. This is what life is all about. It’s about spending your time doing what you love. When you separate work and money or simply take money out of the equation altogether, there is less resistance and the money will flow. Furthermore, when you enjoy the process of making money, you will make more of it. Figure out how to make making money exciting. Bring in new thoughts and ideas. Pay attention and listen to yourself. Find out what your passions are and follow them. Take a relaxed approach to life. Make it fun. It takes being relaxed and at ease to bring in new stuff

Give yourself many affirmations to change your beliefs about money and help you attract it.  Say what you would normally say with BIG emotion. When you want to enjoy your job or anything else, use affirmations to get really excited and have fun. Here are but a few; “Money comes to me from many different channels, new channels of financial wealth open to me constantly.” “I project my excitement about selling _____ to buyers” if you are in sales. For stocks say, “I find stocks fun and exciting. I love reading about investments. It is interesting and exciting. I am motivated to learn all I can about the markets.” Instead of saying "I am prosperous" say, "From now on everything I do is prosperous" or "I am allowing prosperity to flow freely to me" Statements like this every third sentence. Ask to be in the reality where the ability that I have that will make me rich will be prevalent. Complement yourself on creating what you like. If you want money, ask reiki to send someone else money. What you send to others comes back to you. Every time you give, it is like making a deposit into your on personal savings account at 1,000% interest.  Be specific in why you want money. Have a clear idea of what you want you spend it on. Say “I feel worthy of large amounts of money for...” Ask for specific amounts of money in specific time frames. Visualize yourself receiving that money and enjoying spending it. Visualize it in first person, not like a movie. Really experience it. Really feel it. Be ready for all the growth and change you will experience as the result of gaining wealth. Tell yourself “change is fun and exciting, I love change.” Get excited, say it with gusto.