Indigo Spirithawk


There are many paths to power, anything will work if you believe enough in it. Truly power people are calm and easygoing. They have personal power. You can do anything and have anything. They don't need anything from anybody. If you have true power, you are at peace. The only real power is personal power.

This is different from power over others, which is an illusion. Those who seek this type of "power" are coming from a place of fear. They feel a need to control others in order to take control of their world. This is a false premise. You can never truly have power over another. You are the god of your world and everyone else is the god of theirs. Those who attempt to have power over others live in constant fear that they will lose this perceived power. Hitler was one such individual. True power comes from within. True power is power over YOUR world and YOUR life.

It never serves you to compete with another when it comes to power. It only serves you to increase your own power. Furthermore, any form of competition is useless. If we try to out do or be better than another we are going in the wrong direction. We should only be in competition with ourselves. We can never be better than anyone except our previous self. When it really comes down to it no one can be better than another. How could we even measure this? It is impossible to be better or worth more than another. We are all equal. We are all human. We are all parts of god. We are all one.


The only true measure of our worth is our own self worth. For we are already as worthy as we could be. We are as worthy as Source because we are Source. Source wanted to experience, so Source sent forth a part of itself to do so. We are that part of Source who is experiencing. Our creation and our experience is Source’s will. Source sees us as having the ultimate worth. If we cannot accept our own worth and love ourselves, then at least accept Source’s love. For there is no greater authority the Source who is pure love. We are a part of Source therefore we are also pure love. Anything less than the highest self worth and the greatest love for ourselves is the greatest of self deception. We are love. We are worthiness. We are all gifts to this planet. Nothing can take this away. Our very existence is a testament to gods love. No matter what we do. No matter who we are, we cannot be unloved or unworthy. It is impossible.