The Minor Arcana - Wands - Part 1

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The Minor Arcana - Wands - Part 1


We looked at the Major Arcana in the previous blogs; now we come to the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are 56 cards. Like a playing deck of cards it is broken into four suits; each suit having 4 court cards with it. The Major Arcana called the Trump cards deal with life's important issues we face. The Minor Arcana deal with everyday issues and tell us the best way to handle them. Each suit touches on an aspect of our daily lives.



The first suit we will look at is the Wands. Also called Staff's and Batons. Wands represent fire, the southern direction and summer. The wand cards have to do with primal energy, growth, the will, inspiration, determination, strength, invention, intelligence, creativity and intuition. In our daily lives this card represents our career paths. Wands spiritually mirror what is important to you in your inner being.


Represented by the element of fire wands indicates all the things you do during the course of a day that keeps you busy. Be it at work, at home or the outdoors. Wands are about ideas, growth, ambition and expansion. They also represent our original thoughts and how they are seeds through which life springs. If there are many wands in a reading it indicates the conditions in which the querent finds themselves in based first in thought; and then as ideas being in the first stages of development.


The fire signs are related to the wands; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The South is the direction for the wands. The physical characteristics of people in relation to this suit are: fair skinned with red to blond to light brown hair and blue to green or light eyes. Wands are related to Spring and weeks in terms of time. So if you see the 4 of wands it may mean 4 weeks.




Ace Of Wands

Divinatory Meaning:



The essence of fire; this card denotes a new job, career or enterprise is in the making for the querent. This card signals creativity, inventiveness, ambition and enthusiasm. It is a card that in principle symbolizes the beginning of something. It can be a birth, an idea, the starting point of a enterprise. Ace of Wands can mean the aggressive pursuit of new ventures. The foundation created for future successes, the person uses their intuition well, fertility and conception is possible. It is also a card of manhood and  artistic innovation.



Setbacks in a new endeavor. Lack of determination or selfishness may hamper a projects completion. A high indication of treachery prevalent. Disagreement, imminent danger as is loss of purity. Depending on where it falls in the spread it can indicate a false start, a cancellation of a plan, trip or business venture. The reversed Ace of Wands can also signal bareness, sterility, impotence, avarice and greed.  Reversed it signals an over confidence that ends in tears. If the querent is a woman it can indicate that she has trouble with men. Reversed it can also mean clouded joy or fall, decadence, ruin and perdition to perish.



II of Wands



The number two represents a union, the joining together of often opposing forces, spoke. The two thus represents a "concretization" of the energy represented in the ace. The Ace of Wands signified the fiery energy of inspiration. The Two of Wands represents the beginning of clarity, the formulation of the spark of inspiration into an idea which can be carried out.

The Two of Wands represents a mature person who may provide you with assistance to obtain your desires.  The person is hoping that something good is about to happen and wants to see it materialize. An offer is about to be presented. If you don't feel right about it or it isn't enough, don't sell yourself short or settle for less. There is something better on the horizon.


In practical terms this card indicates  success that has been achieved through hard work. The querent has strength of character  and is making sure that their ideas come to fruition. They use their power and wisdom responsibly as it was gained through experience. This card indicates wealth that is obtained legally and there are job related perks for this person. The Two of Wands means the person is taking control of their territory with action. They are making something their own. It represents the querent or the person in question making a statement of ownership.



Reversed this card is telling the querent that naked ambitions knows no bounds.  Domination by others. A good beginning may turn against you. You are in for a surprise of some kind.

Conceit, aloofness, losing strength, imprudence, weak defenses, losing momentum after a good start, disappointment, frustration, impatience, pride, short sighted goals, being blocked, disconnected, breakdown of negotiations, self serving, sadness, loss of faith, second thoughts, empty success, things go sour, dominated by others, fear and weakness in the face of conflict, complacency are all associated with the reverse of the Two of Wands.  Reversed it also implies that riches and fortunes are obtained illegally, dishonestly or by deception. When this card is in reverse it indicates the person in question has lost faith in both their own rationale and self. They are in attainment of worthless ambition.


III of Wands


The number Three represents the initial fulfillment of the union of opposites symbolized in the number two.

When we see  the III of wands in a spread we know that our actions are increased to succeed


The Three of Wands shows a person standing on a hill gazing far out into the distance. It indicates you in a position of strength as you control what happens around you. This is a card of vision and foresight - looking for greater possibilities. This card asks you to be a visionary - to dream beyond current limitations. The Three of Wands tells you that now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you will achieve it. You are being encouraged to move fearlessly into new areas.. Dreams turn into reality through the circumstances. You are in the right place at the right time lending to your success. Successful ventures are launched and there is inspiration of original ideas. Your success lies in the courage of your convictions.  Your plans and ventures are moving ahead.



In its reversed position, the Three of Wands may indicate a lack of cooperation, wasted efforts, delays, or bad luck. It implies obstacles from outside in commercial or communication ventures. The querent may feel a creative block, and find that their goals are hard to reach. Their problem may involve over-confidence, pride, or arrogance on their part. They need to be open to receiving help and input from others, but know at the same time that opposition may come from a person who exploits other people for material gain. There is the possibility of betrayal of an enterprise by a person who had the power to aid it. The querent may have set their expectations too high. Possibly they may need to reset their goals so that they are more realistic. The querent or one close to them must deal with difficulties in the exchange of goods or ideas as well with matters of trust.  This card suggests failure to put one's plans into actions. The goals you strive for are not attainable right now. There is lack of communication between what you dream and what is reality. You have trouble distinguishing between the two. Great plans that do not come into fruition. This person retreats from reality into fantasy.




IV Of Wands


The Four of Wands if one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck and indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment. The four indicates a sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that come as the result of often difficult and challenging effort. If you encounter this card in a reading, there is cause for celebration!


When we see this card upright it indicates celebration and ceremony upon completion. Optimism and joy. Relaxation.  It indicates that now is a good time to move in new directions.  Something is completed or something initiated. Contented home life. Prosperity. Harvest. A successful conclusion. Personal achievement, material well being.  This is a  card of the home. Improvements to property or imminent move. Working with people.

Celebration of recent good fortune; marriage or good solid business relationship; the successful completion of the initial stage of a project; cooperation, heading in the same direction, of the same mind; the coming together of ideas; satisfaction with current situation.   When we see this card in our spread it means that there is a successful completion to all the hard work we put in and we can see the fruits of our labor. This card indicates marriage or a new romance. The IV of Wands is  card of the professional man; he is an innovator and can be a renown designer. The establishment of culture, Refinement, charm, attractiveness and splendor. The Four of Wands also indicates  contentment through the association of another person in a romantic setting.


When the Four of Wands appears reversed it means there is a lack of commitment; shaky relationship; difference of opinion and a change in goals in a partnership; failure in initial stage of project; dissatisfaction and loss of tranquility; disorder; too many ideas to act upon.

It can however also signal that there is happiness but it is in an unconventional and unorthodox way. It also implies that this person guides their life by superfluous and artificial constraints and rules. Traditions has made this person an innate snob, who feels their pomp and ceremony rain supreme over others. It can also signal a rest period before successful completion of something.



V of Wands


Five people of different colors fight each other. This card lets you know there is a major competition going on Competition. What the 5 of Wands is saying to you is you need to experience what competition really means and requires. Respect your opponent, but stand up for your point of view. Refuse to be a victim. Fight the tendency towards frustration, anger, hate and prejudice.


This card is representative of a group of people who are committed to an end, but they cannot fully agree on how to effectuate this goal, as each has his/her individual agenda as to how to bring this to fruition. The struggle represented in the Five of Wands does not necessarily imply the end of the satisfaction and joy symbolized in the Four of Wands. Rather, this card represents the challenges presented to any vision or creative effort by the world or by one's competitors. The joys of a wedding are often followed by domestic struggle to define the boundaries of the relationship and to begin to understand one another in greater depth. The initial success of a creative venture or business is often followed by challenges from rivals who sense success and want to partake of it themselves, perhaps even at your expense.


When we see this card in a spread it warns of problems and upheavals that cannot be avoided. It can even be in the form of minor irritations that test us. It indicates one has to have great mental agility and use their own inner mental resources to win the situation. In this case the only way success is won is through hard persistence. One has to be a relentless worker when this card appears. This card depicts combat and strife, but the rivalry conveyed is not necessarily based on anger.


It can represent heated arguments and even physical violence if next to a card of conflict, such as the Three of Swords, Five of Swords, or Seven of Swords. Usually however, when found next to more neutral cards, the Five of Wands represents the competition necessary to promote business or an idea.




This card is like a sigh of relief after conflict and struggle when we see it in reverse. Now the client can afford to relax his efforts a bit and reap the benefits of his previous promotional efforts. In a more personal sense, he has worked through his anger and hostility and feels more secure in his interpersonal relationships. He doesn't feel he has to constantly prove himself anymore. The Reversed V of Wands indicates harmony in affairs. Love of exercise and games. Generosity. New business opportunity. Victory after obstacles are overcome. Expect to have to overcome trickery and deceit to get what you want.


Don't relax all the way when this card shows in a spread reversed because it can also mean trickery, hurt, fraud, defeat and ruin mostly of someone else that you were fighting. It can also mean litigation and legal tiffs  that can be avoided. Depending what cards surround the V of Wands it also implies competition that is unnecessary and spiteful conversations.




VI of Wands


The VI of Wands indicates triumph/victory in your situation. You'll be able to progress in the development of all that's in your best interests. Progress may be in the form of good news which you receive, permitting you to proceed with your desires. This card indicates you want to get on with things in your life.   You are going to start a new project, way of life, or life style. Conditions of renewal are approaching, and when that happens, the time will be right and things will come together.


The VI of Wands, like the Four, represents an achievement or success in the pursuit of a creative venture. However, the VI of Wands contains a more public element of recognition by others in one's community for the fulfillment of a creative effort on one's behalf. This card indicates a struggle has been overcome, the goal has been reached, and it is publicly acknowledged and celebrated. Victory, success, an out-of-town visitor, a trip or tour all can be a message that this card brings depending on the spread. Combined with the Ace of Wands it can mean  a book-signing tour or international world recognition. If it appears with the VIII of Pentacles  it signals a successful sales representative. The VI of Wands, like the Four, represents an achievement or success in the pursuit of a creative venture. A struggle has been overcome, the goal has been reached, and it is publicly acknowledged and celebrated.


When we see this card it denotes the arrival of good and fantastic news. If you are taking a trip it will prove successful. This is a card of victory. Success and acclaim for all your hard work is signaled when we see this card. There is hope and satisfaction due to what you accomplished. This card means you can overcome obstacles with tact and diplomacy rather than by the use of force.



When this card appears reversed it means one's rewards are delayed. Bad news in wake of victory. Watch out for a successful enemy. When V1 of Wands appears reversed its telling us that there is indecision involving in our situation. It also denotes that the enemy is up to no good  and engaging in surreptitious activities.It suggest that the person is fearful about an outcome in a situation.  Reversed it implies delayed news  and even possibly bad news.