Minor Arcana - Wands - Part 2

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Minor Arcana - Wands - Part 2



VII of Wands

The VII of Wands, like the Five, again presents a struggle after the initial experience of satisfaction and fulfillment. In this case, the character in the card stands at the top of a hill and is challenged from below by opponents seeking to achieve the success and status of the victor. It signals that the creative, successful individual must continually struggle to maintain his or her position at the "top." If your vision and creative effort is fulfilled to the point where there is public acclaim or acceptance of your success then you must expect competition and challenge. It is a point of fact because others may also desire the same things as you.

Now the Sevens are all about attaining higher wisdom-through a process of testing, internal examination, and choice. You will find a challenge in each of these cards; and you will need to use different techniques to meet and overcome that challenge. Remember, each card in the Tarot talks about, among other things, a process. Taken together, these processes describe the ways in which we conduct our lives, constructively and destructively.

The VII of Wands is all about struggle. It's about standing up for who we are and what we are. In a sense, this is one of the "boundary" cards, because, when you see it, you know that things have reached a point beyond which you do not want to go. Negotiation is over, when this card appears. In order to maintain your personal integrity, you are going to have to be firm. If you're lucky, you can just be firm quietly, and those around you will respect your stance. If not, though, you might have to "fight" for what you believe, want or need. This can take several forms, of course, from a firm statement to an all out "war." What is at stake is your own self-image. We all have a line which we will not let others step past, and this card is telling the reader is it.

On the negative side, this card can manifest in one of two ways. It can indicate an unwillingness to stand up for yourself. The eternal martyr can be found here. But it can also indicate bickering. At its worst, it is one of the most confrontational cards in the deck-because the energy that drives it is pure unadulterated childish ego. Fighting just to fight. It's the person who wakes up angry and gets worse as the day progresses.

If you're doing a relationship spread, you don't want to see this card with the Three of Swords. I can almost guarantee you that this combination indicates discord of the worst kind. See, the Three of Swords can indicate expressing thoughts which are based on a misunderstanding. And it can indicate quarreling. This card describes a situation in which you fail to defend your position due to a lack of willpower. You are feeling outnumbered, victimized and helpless. The good news is that you are able to defend yourself against the onslaught. It is a card of successful advancement. When we see this card it means we have an opportunity that requires great skill, and you need to use your courage and determination to win. This card indicates strength of nerve, great fortitude and courage in face of a hardship. Success will be gained through sustained effort. This is a card of defense. It warns though, that the offense is strong and  a powerful contender. 



Threat will pass you by. Don't let others take advantage of you. Patience in the face of threats. The querent may be threatened. When the VII of Wands appears in reverse it indicates indecision and retreat. If one does not act decisively the situation causing the challenge will be lost. In reverse this card indicates loss through hesitation and giving up when the end is in sight. Depending on the surrounding cards it can mean turning away from opportunities due to fear of responsibilities.



VIII of Wands


The Eight of Wands denotes speed and rapid advancement of   the querent's situation in general. This haste could result in wrong decisions being made. It will be important to have all your resources available to be used in your best interests. This card indicates that you want to speed things up, settle a matter of concern, or branch out on your own. You're approaching your goal, but your affairs will not be completely set, decided, or determined. The VIII of Wands represents a very focused kind of motion. The eights are all about structure. And the wands, being fire, are the most volatile kind of energy. So the structure doesn't produce something static in this case. Instead, it creates a narrow channel through which the energy rushes.


The VIII of Wands indicates quick change and action. It is a card of understand and harmony. Good news and communication. This card indicates the time is right for facilitating success. Swift and speedy end to delays. It is a card of fast news or correspondence which is favorable. It can also indicate travel or important trip. In general it is a hopeful card.


Health issues: When we see this card it tells us health wise about adrenal depletion; breathlessness; fertility; ribs; arteries; male sexual (premature ejaculation/too fertile)



Jealousy is in the air when we see the VIII of Wands reversed. A message you have been waiting to hear has not yet shown up. Do not become too bold or too courageous. Business slows down and your love life ends up at a standstill. When it appears reversed it indicates disputes and disagreements.  It indicates a great effort and driving force that was wasted because the person ran out of steam. Delays in news. It can mean depending on the surrounding cards silly spontaneous actions. A trip is cancelled. This card indicates you will jump into the water head first without testing it first when reversed.

IX of Wands

When we encounter the IX of Wands we are often in the midst of a challenge that appeared just when we thought all was won. This challenge comes at the moment before our final accomplishment of a creative task or goal. The card indicates that we have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulty we encounter, even though it may seem impossible at the time. How often do we give up just before we finally achieve success? This card is a sign of hope and encouragement; that if we stand firm and strong against challenge, we will achieve our goal. The challenges before us are only the last bit of darkness before the break of wonderful dawn.


The number nine is the number of completion. It is the final stage of all the numbers that have come before it. In this number we also see tiny little seeds of new beginnings being planted to take root. The Nine of Wands represents a man who has been knocked down and around, beaten, yet he has overcome all that he has gone through. He has fought the battle and won. He appears drained and weary as he leans on his wand, but is ready to go to battle again. He stands up for what he believes in and holds firm in those beliefs. He is secure in who he is. This card represents being prepared. Eventual victory is won with more fighting. Defense of oneself. This card signals strong opposition of those who do you wrong. The IX of Wands indicates strength. You will be opposed by secret enemies and your interests will be questioned. Unexpected difficulties with all situations. It will be necessary then, to have support available to help you overcome these obstacles.  This card indicates you  want  your efforts to bear fruit, you wish to socialize, circulate and be out with others, and your health (or that of another) will improve. If you don't succeed at first, try again. Also, expect good news concerning business, love, or finances.  One last test or challenge remains. You feel as if you've come to the end of your fighting powers, but you have skill and determination in reserve. You're actually in a position of strength.


Although you'll need to draw on all your courage and abilities, you prevail. Be patient. Keep your own counsel. Once the last obstacle is overcome, you're home free. You are in order and if you utilize your discipline you will be in an unassailable position. Any opposition you face will be defeated. You have courage in the face of attack and your stability cannot be removed.


Health issues  This card signals  head injury; shoulder; knee; ankle; jaw (TMJ); bladder meridian. However if the other cards are favorable surrounding it; it can mean good health.



The IX of Wands reversed suggests that you may be hesitant to make a long-term commitment. You might be feeling as if life is all work and no play. This cad indicates you are feeling overcome by responsibilities or a lack of support from those around you. As such, you are hesitant to make any commitments in fear that the responsibilities will become all too much. Be careful also of dwelling on past frustrations and grievances. Just try to let go.


You may also be more inclined to be a little ‘on edge’ and on the defensive when we see this card in a spread. The boundaries you have set around yourself are now becoming your cage, locking you into your old habits and behaviors. Be careful not to assume things or make hasty judgments. Lighten up a little and return to the VIII of Wands where you take life as it comes in all its various forms. Go with the flow and release yourself of the pressures you are feeling.


 A holiday or a break might do you some good where you can re-energize and rejuvenate yourself. When this card appears in reverse it talks of rigidity and not being able to give and take. If you have undertaken any projects they will fail now because they are impractical in nature. Depending on the spread it can indicate disarray and delays. Where if falls in the spread can indicate poor health or illness. This card is signaling that a position that once was secure is no longer. Lastly this person has personality flaws that get in their way.




X of Wands

This card, like all others in the Tarot deck, has both positive and negative aspects to consider. In one sense, he is reaping a bountiful reward for hard work in his harvest. In this case it represents our own success after a long and perhaps difficult struggle. This card can also mean being oppressed by outside sources, overworked, over tired or over stimulated. It indicates that you Have more on your plate (or back) than you can possibly handle. This card talks about  being overwhelmed at its worst. Life and everything in it becomes a burden, and each little task just adds weight. People who are moving to new homes in a month's time get this a lot; and you can see why. This card implies the person is  carrying of a weighty load. Their heart is tried by pain. It can mean ruin of all plans and projects; complete disruption and failure. But, if  you are experiencing any of the problems they may soon be solved. It is a card of oppression.


You need to stop working so hard. If you cannot stop, then conserve your energy and pace yourself. When you are over-committed everything becomes a strain. There will be a delay making decisions if exhaustion prevents good judgment. This card signals burdens, responsibilities, resentfulness. Perseverance will be met with success, though one's health may suffer. Heavy duties, difficult tasks are all implied when this card is in a spread. You will  be successful even though in terms of health and anxiety, the price may be high.


Perhaps some obligations have to go. The overload is not through choice or planning, but just "happened" as a part of life. This is a person who "bends over backwards", often in a relationship, in order to try and make it work.  The other person meanwhile is not even aware how much the they are trying to carry the relationship


On the other hand this persons conduct is honorable. Great fortune has become a burden due to its demanding nature and the time it involves. Due to the economy a business may have to be downsized. A successful past time can no longer be administered by the person who created it. This person has no social life due to the demands of a project and the overtime they put in.


Health issues - tension (neck and shoulder); headaches; vision; overwork.



When the X of Wands is reversed it indicates that strength and energy a person applies is for selfish ends. Desire to ruin happiness of others. If a lawsuit is pending there may be loss. When this card appears reversed it is warning of  a jealousy that is going to great lengths to spoil the persons pleasures and affairs. It can also denote treachery. This person has trouble delegating responsibilities to others resulting in unnecessary stress for them. Depending on the

spread in reverse this card means someone is using lies and deceit to upset others.


Court Cards



Page of Wands


Meaning Upright


Physical description – yellow to red hair, blue eyes. A young person, or a likeable stranger.


Personality traits - helpful, mild mannered, friendly, polite, adaptable, hard working, enthusiastic, impulsive, may be hyperactive with little staying power, easily bored.



The Page of the Wands is the loyal envoy and emissary of the royal family. He is a trusted friend who is devoted to your interests. His intentions will be honorable. You need not fear trusting what he has to say on the behalf of another person.  This  card indicates the querent wants things to change (this could be concerning a loved one). It also signals the person needs to break free of oppression or stagnation in business or find a solution to problems. Change is in the air, and a new approach is at hand. This could come through a friend who will help you to 'see the light' or attain a new perspective.


The Page of Wands can be used to identify a young person with a rather melancholy outlook. Alternately, some readers interpret this card to mean a near relative or a close friend of the querent.It also indicates a messenger, messages, telephone calls, and official communications. Receiving communication so a decision can be made. Someone is trying to tell you something.


When the Page of Wands represents a new event, the event may concern work or business. Maybe a new work project is available. In a reading regarding spiritual issues, the Page of Wands could indicate a spiritual aspect to a practical matter. For instance, a trip the querent is about to undertake for business reasons may bring a new spiritual meaning to the person's life in an unexpected manner. The Page of Wands could also indicate a new beginning of  a practical, business or career nature, such as a new job, a new development in the person's career field.


Some readers also interpret the Page of Wands as a possible new residence. When we see this card it tells us the person is trustworthy and a reliable young person. This person desires to bring happiness, excitement and light to those around. When we see this card in the spread we know the person is faithful as a messenger of good news and witty gossip. They are a dedicated person of service to superiors.


Page of Wands Reversed


The Page of Wands reversed depicts a person who is immature with a self-image problem. It could be someone who is mean-spirited and aggressive, or someone who is helpless and always a "victim." This is someone who never has anything good to say, is always

pessimistic, and always brings everyone down. This person undercuts your enthusiasm and your self-confidence. This person hasn't earned much admiration or respect, but surely expects it anyway. This is a superficial, lazy and arrogant person; one who is unwilling to make an effort, and is uncooperative and impatient.


When the card appears reversed the honest qualities the person has changes to petulance. You may have thought this person was trustworthy but all the time they are dishonest. This person cannot keep a confidence. You cannot trust them. They lie and spread gossip. In reverse it can also mean a delay or change of residence.




Knight of Wands


Meaning Upright:


Physical Description - yellow, red hair, blue eyes, young, strong, person. Robust, ruddy complexion.


Personality Traits - eager to help, trustable. Takes risks, puts energy into self-growth, future prospects and new directions. Energetic warrior. Hasty personality. Quick to love or hate.


The Knight of Wands is a really sparkly guy. The fiery element of the wands gives him an enthusiastic and innovating approach, a great help to get things started. Knights, like all court cards, do not necessarily reflect one gender. The knight can be male or female.

In women, he can represent the animus, or inner assertive side, of their character. The Knight of Wands represents mental intuition, a sudden and impetuous nature, a generous friend or lover. He or she is hasty in everything.


This card indicates there may be a journey or change in residence. A male friend or relative is willing to help the querent. The Knight of the Wand indicates the departure of something or someone. A journey could be indicted as well as the advancement of your position in the situation being addressed. Where the Page of Wands represents the immature beginnings of a new idea or creative adventure that exists only as a "castle in the sky"; the Knight of Wands represents the active pursuit of that adventure. Since the suit of Wands is analogous to the alchemical element of fire, this knight is representative of the hot passion of inspiration in search of fulfillment. Unlike the Page of Wands who simply dreams his dream; the Knight actively pursues his vision with an abandon that is characteristic of the impulsive astrological sign of Aries. This is a person who loves action. He is well liked and ambitious but has an unpredictable nature. His temperament is engaging and although he moves quickly his actions make sense later on in hindsight.



The Knight of Wands reversed indicates delays and frustration, getting nowhere and feeling anger at obstacles. It can represent the feeling of being denied what you want to have. This card, in the reversed position, represents a loss of personal power or the negative use of power. It can indicate that you are trying to camouflage or compensate for your inability to control this situation. Accompanying emotions in relation to the reversed Knight of Wands  would involve a loss of self-esteem and pessimism. He can be so over enthusiastic it clashes with the personalities of those around him. When reversed this person likes discord, arguments, strife and trouble just for the sake of it. He will actively seek those destructive elements and cause them if they aren't already in motion. In reverse this card can also mean delays with a trip.



Queen of Wands


Physical Description - yellow, red hair, blue eyed woman. She runs a business or holds a responsible position.


Personality traits - intelligent, dignified, prosperous woman, self-confidence, love of happiness. Offers help that you can trust. She offers inspiration. Fiery temperament. Lively, active, warm natured. Practical organizer of others. A lover of nature.


 The Queen of Wands expresses a creative energy. In decks where wands are fire, she has a fiery, passionate personality with a quick temper. Her style of mothering is to 'flash' her temper, yell, then get over it and hug -- all within one hour! She's self-confident and happy. You have recently met (or will meet) someone you could have a relationship with and are wondering if you should, or if you will. True guidance proves itself, in that it brings with it the action, or ability to carry it out. If you are in a quandary, remember that decisions usually make themselves when the time comes.


The Queen of Wands loves the country and prefers to live there. She can be a good business woman however. She is both fair and capable in her dealings with others. She is fertile in  body and mind and makes a good homemaker as well. She does well in social settings and is charming. The Queen of Wands can be very protective to those in her circle. This card can also indicate success in a project.



This card describes a situation in which someone is behaving in a manipulative, pushy or selfish way.  Your or someone close seems to be in a chronically bad mood, is angry, resentful and jealous. You may find yourself being attacked or bullied, or behaving yourself this way. Perceptions are skewed and information is being twisted into lies. Someone is demanding, controlling, petty and narrow-minded.


When this card is reversed this person is dominating and or bitter.

She's the overbearing matriarchal type. The Queen of Wands reversed is cruel, has a very dry sense of humor, is paranoid in the sense that she always thinks people are out to get her even when they have no malice towards her what so ever.





King of Wands

Physical description - yellow, red hair, blue eyed older man. Brown hair. Athletic, strong, healthy.

Personality traits - creative, self-expressive, domineering, showy, theatrical, likes to gamble. Has power and influence. They know when to take action, and create harmonious human relationships.  This person has a good sense of humor.  Also they are honorable in old fashioned sense. Much travelled, Just, kind, generous. Excellent adviser. Sexually passionate.



The King of Wands is a passionate guy who will sweep you off your feet with wine and roses. He knows how to romance women. The problem is, he may not hold on to them once he has them. He's always looking for the bigger, better deal. He's creative, passionate  and jealous. The King of Wands it the political activist, an artist, or a race car driver. He is a "born-leader" card.


This card  represents energy, excitement and confidence. A King of Wands type person is someone people naturally flock to and follow. The King of Wands is able to get things done. Curiously, the King of Wands often does this by getting other people to do the work for him! One danger of the King is that he can be distracted . Furthermore, he's so accustomed to attention that he tends to take people for granted. In this case, the King is reversed. This card can often suggests a blockage or distortion of the card's message. The King of Wands represents the epitome of the qualities we associate with the element of fire. He is strength, leadership, creativity, vision, and the motivation to bring that creative vision into reality.


The King of Wands is the insignia of power and authority. Depending on all cards, the application of this symbolism will change. Power and authority assist or oppose your interests. The assistance may come from another person or be in the form of knowledge.

You want to make contact with someone and/or to be successful in a new business venture. Your action, decision or opinion will be the deciding factor. The negative aspect of the King of Wands stems from his drive and energy which can be interpreted by others as pushiness, arrogance, and an insolent sense of grandeur.

This figure represents a man who is often successful in business life. Romantically, the King of Wands plays two roles. As a partner or potential lover, he is attractive, generous and uplifting company. His volatile vitality is very seductive, and he enjoys the intensity of intimacy. His love of freedom may manifest in a lifelong enjoyment of the countryside, indeed, wide open spaces are important to him in every way, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. The King of Wands can also denote the male lover in a clandestine or illicit affair. The Lovers, reversed, would confirm this meaning, or the Three of Swords could symbolize a love triangle.


He is for the most part charming, responsible, can be loyal, entertaining, witty, honest conscientious and generous.  He loves his home and family life. He is passionate and virile. The King of Wands looks for support and encouragement. If he is pushed or provoked he will act without hesitation even though it may be hard for him because he can see both sides of an argument.

Health issues associated with this card: hand problems; headache; control freak; hip; stroke; wheel chair.



This personality type can make rash, hasty, and impulsive decisions. The reversed King of Wands signals the person can be dominating, pushy, and overbearing at times. This is rarely done with malice or an intention to make someone else submissive. It is just a strong tendency that sometimes takes control. The King of Wands type usually doesn't even realize when he or she crosses the line between being assertive and aggressive.


When reversed, the King of Wands typifies the most selfish, ruthless qualities of fire. He can denote a manipulative business contact who will use you as long as it serves his purpose. He may be a rival, competitor or unscrupulous opponent. In love, he represents a delightful flirtation that could wreak emotional havoc. He is only suitable for limited liaisons, holiday romances or delicious, but brief, encounters. His flames are bright and warm but soon die down. When this happens he seeks enduring sources of warmth elsewhere. He has the inability to see others point of view nor even appreciate it when reversed. Reversed, his views are even more rigid if the views are not coming from a moral perspective like his own. He has no tolerance, is bigoted, narrow minded with deep prejudices. This person has a ruthless streak and does not care in the least about others feelings when this card is in reversed.