I am a psychic from birth and have had a deep connection to the higher realms as long as I could remember. At the age of 4, I began speaking with my Ascended Master spirit guide. She would appear to me as a little girl, named Ariana, and I would have long conversations with her while gazing in the mirror, after my family went to bed. She grew with me through my childhood and I came to know her (with my limited religious understanding) as my “Guardian Angel.” I could see the Guardian Angels around others as well, as many other types of spirits and energies. I could always sense things about people and know all about them after just meeting them. I’ve had several prophetic dreams, and have often predicted future events. Often times, I’ve used my abilities to prevent myself and those around me, from everything from minor misfortune to extreme danger.

        My life has been filled with constant synchronicities, paranormal experiences, and all around strange happenings. Many people around me have experienced these things as well. I seem to attract this kind of stuff. It wasn’t until I was in my teens, that I discovered metaphysical/occult/esoteric knowledge. Then, I was able to start to understand and control my abilities. I became obsessed with all things metaphysical/esoteric and have studied and practiced the occult for over 25 years. It has been extremely rewarding to use my knowledge and experience to help others on their path.

        I am an Usui Reiki Master, a Level 2 Neigong Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist, an Ordained Interfaith Minister and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I worked in the mental health industry for several years I was able to heal many client’s trauma and release them from entity attachments. I’ve done several house clearings and entity removals and am well versed in spiritual warfare. I have also given thousands of Tarot Readings. I have helped many people heal themselves physically and emotionally. I am also an experienced Channeler. I have given hundreds of public Channelings. I work primarily with the Ascended Masters and my Higher Self. The list goes on and on in this amazing, extraordinary life. I’m sure I can help you, whatever your issue. I can contact your higher self, give you messages from them. I can tap into the Akashic Records and assist you on your path, as well as give you insight into your past lives and explain to you how they relate to your current life. There is no question too big or too small. Feel free to ask anything you like or just sit back and see what comes through.

Thank You,
Papa Magus

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