Frankincense Essential Oil - Indian

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ArOmis Indian Frankincense essential oil is certified organic in India. Indian frankincense is more abundant and more sustainable of a source of frankincense than that of other countries especially Yemen and the middle east where Holy Frankincense is becoming endangered. It has been found that Indian frankincense is very high in the desired tumor fighting compounds, more so than some of the more expensive middle eastern oils. The aroma is warm and grounding and yet lighter and less heavy than our African grown Boswellia carterii grown in Somali Land just north of Ethiopia. 

Botanical Name

Boswellia Serrata

Parts of Plants Used


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Note Classification

Base Note

Suggested Uses

Sores, wounds, fevers, coughs, colds, stress, bronchitis, laryngitis, nervous conditions, tension.