White Fir Essential Oil

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Our white fir oil is perhaps one of the best quality oils available. Our distiller is an artist of evergreen oils and uses a family secret to distill his oils. The difference between typical pine and fur tree oils and this oil is the destinct LIVE aroma that exists. It is as if the very soul of the tree was captured by means of slow low heat distillation of young saplings. The trees are wild crafted but not certified organic. They are collected behind logging operations and durring fire clearning where the small saplings would normally be bulled over by truck wheels, we save them and turn them to oils. Absolutely amazing oil! 

Botanical Name(s)

Abies concolor

Parts Used

Needles and twigs

Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Note Classification

Middle Note

Suggested Uses

Invigoration, relieve stress, muscle relaxation,